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May 13th, 2014 Creekbread, Whistler


Creekbread is hosting a fundraiser night for WAG! A portion of each pizza sold that night will go to the needy cats and dogs of WAG. There will also be great prizes, a hand-made WAG mural, and special musical guest:

Josh Bailey!

Thank you Creekbread - See you there! http://www.creekbread.com/
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A Look Back...


We at WAG just wanted to take a moment to commemorate the number of former sled dogs that came through WAG and were adopted out through this organization and the BC SPCA. In early 2012, in the wake of the 2010 mass slaughter of dogs at a now closed sled dog kennel, WAG was asked to partner with a newly created sled dog tour company to help downsize the kennel to a manageable number.  It wasn’t long before it was decided that the best option for the remaining dogs was to be adopted out and find their own Forever Homes.  The entire kennel of 182 dogs were surrendered to WAG and the BC SPCA and placed up for adoption. 

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Meet April!


Meet April!  She is a spunky 1 year old collie cross looking for love and adventure! She loves her clicker training sessions and learned how to sit, got to her mat and even do an agility jump on her first day. She is a very smart lady and will need someone who can keep her mind busy. She is an eager learner and a trainers dream!

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