A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

A new friendship...

Barnes has a new BFF!


Today at WAG...


Sunday March 1st, 2015 OPEN 1pm - 4pm

DOGS: Wrangler would love some walks in the sun today. Mishka is our latest addition, and though very shy, she would like some cuddles with quiet volunteers in the yard. Barnes is getting braver every day and has started taking treats from strangers! Tuck is still working with staff and shelter volunteers.

CATS: Rosie, Annee, and Champagne have all been adopted! Kaillie is alone in the cattery and would like some quiet visits. Akela is still in foster and waiting for her Perfect Match. Lizzie is doing well in foster and is taking her daily insulin shots like a champion!

If you do visit the shelter, please bring any spare change you can part with and donate it to our special animals. Any amount over $20 is tax deductible!