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Critical Care Medical Program

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WAG's Critical Care Program provides animals with funding for special medical needs. Many of the animals that arrive at WAG have sad and painful histories of abuse, injury, starvation or neglect. The Critical Care Program was developed to ensure there was money available to treat animals immediately and over the long term.  

These programs rely solely on your donations to exist - please consider donating to an animal in need today!

Ways to Donate to the Critical Care Fund:

  1. Donate ONLINE! You can choose which animal receives your donation by selecting their Fund.
  2. Donate by Credit card by calling the Shelter directly at 604.935.8364
  3. Mail in a cheque to : P.O. Box 274, Whistler, B.C. Canada V0N 1B0.
  4. Donate by CASH, Debit or Credit Card by dropping by the Shelter at 8000 Nesters, Rd., Whistler, during our Open Hours.

Please note: If donations for a specific animal exceed their medical expenses, the surplus will be added to our General Critical and Compassionate Care Fund, and help support other WAG animals with special medical needs.


My Story:

"I am a senior lady with many health problems that have been neglected for years. I am very overweight and have multiple tumors, including a large one on the side of my face. I have not been putting weight on my front leg for years, but because I was never taken to a vet, we are not sure what is wrong with me yet. I have terrible teeth and need blood tests for more diagnostics. Despite my health being in such condition, WAG has promised to do everything they can to make me healthy and comfortable again!"

Where your donation will go:

Blood tests
Dental surgery
Tumor removals
Health exams
Ongoing treatment


My Story:

"I am a 12-year-old male kitty. I was left unsupervised with a large teenage dog who didn't know how to act around cats and suffered a painful broken leg! But the worst part was that I was left without the necessary surgery for ELEVEN DAYS...Thankfully WAG's Critical Care Fund was there to help, and I was able to have my operation, just in time - they saved my leg!

Though the surgery was a success and amputation was avoided, the delay in my treatment resulted in a more complicated surgery and a much longer healing process. It even means my leg will be a few millimeters shorter than the other, leaving me with a permanent limp."

**WAG staff suggest going slow with dog and cat introductions to ensure everyone's safety and always be there to supervise.

Where your donation will go:

Orthopedic Surgery
After Care
Bandage Changes


My Story:

"I was a stray in Whistler for many years and was being fed by some kind neighbors. One day it was reported that I was most likely pregnant. Before WAG could get to me, I had my babies in a cardboard box! Thankfully WAG brought the whole family inside to keep us safe from predators and warm on those chilly nights.

All of my kittens have been adopted. Now WAG staff and volunteers are working with me to help build my confidence and realize that humans are not scary so my chances of adoption can improve."

Where your donation will go:

Spay surgery
Deworming Medication and Vaccinations
Health Exams
Long Term Care


My Story:

I was living with a man who did not take care of me. I was physically abused and starving and was not receiving the medical treatment I needed. Thankfully I was surrendered to WAG where I was treated for parasites, am receiving quality and regular meals (plus lots of extra treats!) and where the hole in my tail can be treated and finally heal! I have been diagnosed with the very beginnings of very mild kidney failure but with the proper diet and care, it should not be an issue throughout my life

Where your donation will go:

Spay surgery
Health exams
Blood tests

Bandage changes

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