A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Shepherd mix
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years old
Size: Large
Where you can find me: In a foster home

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: Basic Manners
House trained? Yes
Kids? Yes
Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Yes
Medical Needs: None, awaiting Spay surgery

About Me:

Hi I'm Belladonna!

I am very new to WAG and still getting comfortable with my new friends and surroundings. 

In my past home I lived with kids and other dogs. I am very fresh to the shelter so staff are letting me settle before beginning any dog introductions around the shelter.

I need a home that is committed to me and ready to give me a life with love and adventure for the rest of my years. A little bit of training with my new family would also be beneficial to all of us. I can't wait to find my forever home.

I have been living in an amazing foster home who has gotten to know me a bit more, this is what he has to say about me!: 

Bella is an absolute joy to hang out with if you want a calm, respectful friend. She is incredibly gentle and I have yet to hear her bark. She is a little shy of people and other dogs initially, but warms up very quickly (we have not encountered any cats yet). The good news is that this shyness has never translated into any fear aggression. She is great on her walks and seems to enjoy being outdoor. She walks well on the leash when it is clipped to the harness, but she does pull a little if it is only clipped to her collar. She enjoys her treats and takes them very gently from an open palm. She has not found any toys she likes to play with yet. Bella is also very receptive to back and belly rubs. She is easily startled by loud and/or sudden noises so a calm environment is the most comfortable for her. She is great in the shop and despite the confined space she has no problem warming up to visitors (human and canine) when gently introduced. She is very well house trained and typically only poops once a day and pees perhaps twice. Unfortunately, she get anxious when left alone in the house for more than about 10 – 15 minutes.  She does not bark or get overly destructive, but I tried going out for a 40 minute run yesterday and she had knocked over some items near the windows and she had torn the duvet cover. She was also panting heavily when I retuned and was obviously stressed. I think she will eventually be okay on her own since she loves hanging out on the bed or on a blanket in the living room. It just may take her some time to develop more confidence.

My Story:

My previous family could no longer afford to care for me, so I was surrendered to WAG. I am very sad to be in a shelter after living in the same home for the last 8 years, but I look forward to finding a new family that plans to participate in basic training and give me the best forever home a girl could ask for.