A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Siamese
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: I am living in a foster home!

Energy Level: medium
Litter trained? yes
Kids? Yes, as long as they respect my tail
Cats? Yes, with proper socialization
Dogs? Yes! My best friend was Bailey the dog.
Medical Needs: None at this time

About Me:

Hi I'm Chester!

I was surrendered to WAG with my doggy friend, Bailey - we are good friends and like to wrestle!

I can be a bit shy at first, but am also very affectionate and love company. I am also very handsome!


Chester has something to say......

Hi, my name is Chester. I like a calm home where I can relax and be cute all day long. I take a little time to warm up to new dogs. My little dog friend named  Bailey likes to get in my face, lick my ears and smother me from time to time. I dont like it that much but I put on my poker face and just suck it up. Here in my foster home I feel like I have the entire upstairs to myself which is very nice. Once in a while Bailey comes up to visit me which I kinda like a bit but mostly just tolerate. I am quite agile and can jump very high, so I can dodge playful puppy if I really want to. Sometimes I like to rest on my mat which is in the middle of my bedroom.  It's an especially nice place to be when Im feeling confident, free and social. That way my mommies have instant access to me for cuddle sessions. Other times, I like to hide in my favorite places. My number one favorite hiding spot is on the bathtub ledge between the shower curtains. It's a relaxing place and I especially like it when the bathmat is draped over the side of the bathtub because it makes my hiding place an even more cozy place to hangout. Whether I am hiding or lying on my mat in the open, I am always ready for some attention and cuddles. As soon as I see my mommies I start purring. I love their attention. I'll take all I can get. My mommies always tell me how soft my fur is and how sweet and gentle I am. Every once in a while my little kitten within comes out to play and I start batting around my cat toys. It's just so much fun. When I do this, I can hear my mommies down stairs laughing. But nothing makes them laugh harder than watching me go crazy over catnip. That stuff is awesome! 


My Story:

My dog friend Bailey and I came from a home that loved us, but could just not afford our care.