A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female, spayed
Age: 2.5 years
Size: Small
Where you can find me: In a foster home

Energy Level: Medium
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? 10 years +
Cats? Unknown
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: None

About Me:

Hi I'm Darcy!

I am still patiently waiting for my forever home and have been at WAG since July 16th! That's 230 days and counting! 

 I can be quite shy at first, but when given time, I gladly accept scratches and rubs from you. 

I was a great mom to my kittens and got along with the other litters in the cattery as well! I was a very loving and caring mom!

Due to my shy nature, I may prefer a home without a dog that is quiet and calm. 

I'm looking for a loving home that will be patient with me as I get use to my new surroundings.

I am currently living in an amazing foster home, and they have helped me update my bio with some of my favourite things: 

"I love ping pong balls, lying in the sun, running around, my scratch post, climbing on everything, sleeping in my spot, watching the world outside, chasing my tail
I have a curious personality, kind nature, lots of purrs to share
I get along with people if I'm given the time
I would rather not ever be in a shelter again, live in a noisy household, be around sudden noises, be picked up
I need attention, time to adjust, loving pats and being combed"
I have quite the playful and loving side when I am feeling comfortable, I just can't wait to find my forever family! 


My Story:

I was a stray in Lillooet where an amazing couple took me in to their home so I could have my babies in a safe environment. I was a great mom to my babies but am now looking for a forever home that will give me time and patience to feel comfortable in a new surrounding!