A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Domestic Long hair 
Gender: Male
Age: 10 years 
Size: Large - I am on a diet
Where you can find me: at the shelter

Energy Level: Low
Litter trained? Yes
Kids? As long as the children respect me! 
Cats? unknown
Dogs? unknown
Medical Needs: I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes 

About Me:

Hi I'm Ginger!


I am a senior cat, even though I am new to the shelter I am pretty happy to be here! The WAG staff seem to think I'm pretty important, they have been keeping a close eye on me. Making sure I am healthy and sticking to my diet. 

I have had a lot of change to my life, one of the big things has been being diagnosed as a diabetic and starting insulin. To be honest, if they didn't tell me about it, I probably wouldn't notice the poke. They keep me busy with scratches while I eat 🙂 

My luxurious locks need quite a bit of attention, they matt easily and need to be brushed. I do enjoy being brushed and don't mind when the girls have cut mats out of my fur. 

I am looking for a forever home that will give me the best years of my life! 

My Story:

My early years are a bit all over the place. I spent my young life as a barn cat and had a pretty bouncy life. Until recently when I was brought into a home with a nice lady who unfortunately passed away, her family in Squamish was unable to take care of me. They promised they would do all they could for me, after talking to a few other shelters who turned me away, due to my age and health, WAG finally said they would be able to provide me the care I required until I found my purrrfect match!