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Get Inked!

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NOW is the time to get that tattoo you have been on the fence about!

Whistler Tattoo Company will be donating a portion of its proceeds raised from all pet portraits and WAG flash designs for the month of May.

Get a tattoo to represent the love you have for your furry family member with a pet portrait or maybe keep it simple with their name and a paw print. If you don't have a pet but love animals this is also a great time to get your tattoo!


Pet portraits: minimum $300. 25% to WAG

Flash:  $300 plus . 25% to WAG

Flash: $80 - $299  50% to WAG

Pets name: 50% to WAG

Cat/Dog Silhouettes: 50% to WAG

To enquire or book please call: 

Whistler Tattoo Company (604) 932-0572 or email info@whistlertattoocompany.com

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