A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: Female
Age: 8 weeks
Size: Small
Where you can find me: At the shelter

Energy Level: Low
Litter trained? Working on it
Kids? With proper Socialization
Cats? Yes
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: Phoenix has been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia

About Me:

Hi, I'm Phoenix!

I was surrendered to WAG with my momma Storm and my brother Rogue! They are both so special to me, they have helped me grow and become stronger each and every day!

I was special from birth! I have trouble with my coordination and movement and have been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia ("CH" for short!), a condition where my Cerebellum cells did not develop properly.

There is currently no known treatment for CH, but many CH cats live long and happy lives...We are also known as 'Wobbly Cats'!" Despite my condition, I am a fighter! I survived with little more than my mothers care for the first seven weeks of her life, and now, with a little help, I gulp down my food, walks myself around her room, and loves snuggles with the staff and volunteers. The staff even made a pouch so I can be with them while we work! Though I will never be normal, I experience many joys in my life - I love to play with toys and nip fingers, and I will sit in my pouch on your lap and purr until I fall fast asleep. I will require special care for the rest of my life and WAG will soon be looking for an extra special home!

PLEASE DONATE TO PHOENIX'S FUND! Where your donation will go: Multiple daily feedings by staff, Specialty food, Extra vet exams, General extra care. For more info, check out our website: whistlerwag.com! Thank you for your support!

My Story:

I was surrendered to WAG with my mom and brother since being at the shelter the staff continue to learn more and more about my likes and dislikes and what my special condition entails!

The staff are still learning what type of living environment that will best suit me! If you cannot provide the right home for me but want to help please donate to WAG so they can continue taking in special animals like myself! Thank you!