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Critical Care Medical Program



WAG defines Critical Care as any medical need or expense that goes beyond the routine deworming, vaccination, and spay-neuter protocol.

This can range from simple treatments of antibiotics to major surgeries, procedures, and long-term medical rehabilitation.

This fund is supported 100% by community donations.

Many animals that end up at WAG are there because we are the last place that will accept them. This is especially true when it comes to medical problems, as some rescue organizations are unable or unwilling to take in injured or sick animals. Many people are forced to give up their pet because they cannot afford the veterinary bills, and WAG is the last resource for the veterinarians to avoid unnecessary euthanasia.

These animals need medical help and the Critical Care Fund is there when no one else is. Please support this fund and be a savior for an animal in need. 

Ways to Donate to the Critical Care Fund:

  1. Donate ONLINE! You can choose which animal receives your donation by selecting their Fund.
  2. OVER THE PHONE: Donate by Credit Card by calling the Shelter directly at 604.935.8364
  3. BY MAIL: A Check made out to WAG can be mailed to P.O. Box 274, Whistler, B.C. Canada V0N 1B0.
  4. IN PERSON by Cash, Debit or Credit Card by dropping by the Shelter at 8014 Nesters, Rd, Whistler, during our Open Hours.
  5. CONTACT US if you have any questions!

*If donations for a specific animal exceed their medical expenses, the surplus will be added to the general Critical Care Fund and help support other WAG animals with special medical needs.

Our Current Critical Care Cases


Our newest Critical Care Case… Peter was hit by a car and left without treatment for 3 days. He arrived at WAG emaciated, with a huge belly full of fluid, and multiple injuries. Peter’s most severe injury is a badly fractured pelvis. The pain and suffering that this little guy […]

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Meet Oliver WAG staff was called at the end of the business day on June 20 about another extremely sick puppy. This poor pup was never vaccinated and is now suffering from the deadly Parvovirus and owners unable to provide the necessary care. Again, wag is now left with the […]

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Help for Hero…

Hero is only ONE year old. He had not been feeling well for a few days and had stopped eating when he was surrendered to WAG. WAG agreed to take him in, and he was seen at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital and Eagleview Veterinary Hospital. He had a painful abdomen and his blood work showed severely […]

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Welcome to WAG, Gigi!

WAG’s first Critical care case of 2019… Meet our newest recruit and FIRST Critical Care Case of 2019… Gigi was surrendered to us after receiving a horrible injury to her right eye. Unfortunately, there is no way we can save it and she will have to get it removed. A big thank […]

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TWO MORE Critical Care Cases!

Thanksgiving 2018 was a busy one for WAG staff when we received calls for not one, but TWO dogs in critical medical condition… Meet Ruby… Ruby is an 11-year-old sweetheart…Ruby lived in a community where there are many stray dogs with no one to care for them – they are unspayed and […]

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Major Critical Care Update!

WAG has had an extremely busy and emotional past few weeks with animals in critical medical condition. We have been so busy caring for them around the clock, we have not even had the chance to tell you about them all! We would like to take this time to introduce […]

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Eddie Needs Your Help!

“Hello, my name is Eddie!” My Story: Eddie was seen wandering the streets alone for many months. He had been seen around the community, losing weight and shaking. He was brought to WAG by a concerned citizen and taken to the vet right away. A large mass was found on […]

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Meet Phoenix…

“Hello, my name is Phoenix! My Story: I arrived at WAG with my mom and brother. I was special from birth! I have trouble with my coordination and movement and have been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (“CH” for short!), a condition where my Cerebellum cells did not develop properly. There […]

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Meet Chloe; WAG’s 10th Critical Care Case of 2018

“Hello, my name is Chloe!” My Story: “I was surrendered to WAG with a severely fractured front right leg. My owners could not afford my care and WAG was the only place I could go. This has been a very expensive year for WAG – I am their 10th Critical Care Case […]

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