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Critical Care Medical Program


WAG defines Critical Care as any medical need or expense that goes beyond the routine deworming, vaccination, and spay-neuter protocol.


This can range from simple treatments of antibiotics to major surgeries, procedures, and long-term medical rehabilitation.

This fund is supported 100% by community donations.

Many animals that end up at WAG are there because we are the last place that will accept them. This is especially true when it comes to medical problems, as some rescue organizations are unable or unwilling to take in injured or sick animals. Many people are forced to give up their pet because they cannot afford the veterinary bills, and WAG is the last resource for the veterinarians to avoid unnecessary euthanasia.

These animals need medical help and the Critical Care Fund is there when no one else is. Please support this fund and be a savior for an animal in need.

Ways to Donate to the Critical Care Fund:

  1. Donate ONLINE! You can choose which animal receives your donation by selecting their Fund.
  2. OVER THE PHONE: Donate by Credit Card by calling the Shelter directly at 604.935.8364
  3. BY MAIL: A Check made out to WAG can be mailed to P.O. Box 274, Whistler, B.C. Canada V0N 1B0.
  4. IN PERSON by Cash, Debit or Credit Card by dropping by the Shelter at 8014 Nesters, Rd, Whistler, during our Open Hours.
  5. CONTACT US if you have any questions!

*If donations for a specific animal exceed their medical expenses, the surplus will be added to the general Critical Care Fund and help support other WAG animals with special medical needs.

Meet some of our Past Critical Care Cases

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