A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Cal & Sol


Cal & Sol

Breed: Lab/Mastiff cross
Gender: Males
Age: 2 years old
Size: Extra Large
Where you can find me: At WAG


Energy Level: Medium/High
Training Goals: Individual training sessions - working on polite introductions to new people and other dogs.
House trained? Yes
Kids? 15 years+

Cats? No
Dogs? Yes, as long as we get along! We can be selective of our dog friends - we do not get along with unneutered males.
Medical Needs: None

About Me:

My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know us before taking us home. We are fearful of strangers when we first meet them.

-Has experience with fearful dogs. My reactions to my fears can include trying to run away (I am very strong!) or flattening myself to the ground and not wanting to move!

-Has lots of patience and understanding of our past - we were feral with our other siblings for the first 6 months of our lives, then our first home was PAWS & WAG.

-Has a safe a secure fenced yard, we may never be a candidate for public parks and dog parks.

-Loves goofy loveable quirky boys. We can be so much fun to play with when we feel safe and can be off leash in a secure area!

-Will continue with our training and be okay with doing indivdual training for each of us. We are very food motivated and already know a lot of basic training goals!

-We need help to grow confidence without the other, while we love going on walks together, we need individual walks as well!

-Will be okay with vocal dogs! We are both loud barkers and sometime bark in excitement!

-Will be strong! We are both strong and there is two of us 😉

-Will love us forever no matter what, quirks and all!


About Us:

-Although we take a while to warm up to new people, once we trust you we are very loyal to our friends.

-We are both very well behaved in the home, although we are at the counter level, we never sneak stuff off!

-We are very shy about meeting new people, you may need to meet a few times before we are friends.

-We enjoy quiet walks in the woods, we would need to work slowly on enjoying walks in busier areas.

-We need lots of gentle training, we loved getting a chance to work with Saundra from Alpine dogs!

-We have a few tricks up our sleeves - 'Touch' will bring us right to you for a touch of your hand and a treat. - 'This way' will let us know that we are going to turn abruptly to a new direction if you want us to avoid something. We do well with recall when it has been practised in a safe environment and with a long line. 'Leave it' often reminds us to check in with our human. 'Sit' and 'lie down' are easy for us 🙂 We are still learning 'stay' but doing pretty good with that too!



Our Story:

Our first 6 months of our lives were without human interaction, we were with our 2 other littermates and no home. We were brought into PAWS and shortly after transferred to WAG. After some time at WAG, we really settled in and were ready to find a home to call our own. We were adopted by a lovely individual who put in lots of time to gain our trust and we loved her greatly. Unfortunately, we were brought back to WAG as we are a lot of dog for one person!


If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating to our WAG, they continue to take in animals like us, who will need a little more time to find their forever family.