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Breed: Hound mix
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years
Size: Large


Energy Level: Medium/low
Training Goals: Learning how to travel in a vehicle
House trained? Yes
Kids? Copper loves people and kids, but his back end is sore so kids have to be old enough to not climb or fall on him. 

Cats? Yes
Dogs? Copper would prefer to be in a home with other friendly dogs. 
Medical Needs: Copper is on daily dose of Metacam and join supplements.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Copper!

I am an old man who has spent most of his life outside but now I am looking for retirement in a home with a yard and a family who will love and care for me throughout my golden years. I love going on walks and playing slow motion fetch.

I can be a bit stubborn but am a loving happy guy!

My perfect match
- Is looking for a chill, senior companion
-Has a home with a yard
-Can provide me with senior medical care and love!

My Story:

I have lived most of my life outside but have gotten too old to stay healthy and happy during the heat and bugs of summer and the cold of winter, so now I am at WAG, hoping they can find me the perfect retirement home!


If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating to WAG so they can always help animals like me!





Breed: Labrador/Husky mix
Gender: Male
Age: 7 months old
Size: Medium, but growing still!


Energy Level: Very high
Training Goals: Post adoption training session mandatory, Johnny will need help to learn basic manners as well as helping him adjust to his new environment
House trained? Working on it!
Kids? 10+ years, home needs to be a calm environment

Cats? No, I will chase them
Dogs? Unknown
Medical Needs: Basic vaccinations will need to be finished, then keeping up with routine care

About Me:

Here's Johnny!

I am a young pup who still has LOTS to learn! I have been loving being at WAG, I go out for awesome adventures, I get to go to the river, smell lots, pee on lots and see new things.

I am a very energetic boy, I love to do zoomies, I jump up on you when I am excited, the girls are helping me remember
that isn't polite.

I'm just beginning to get used to be indoors, it takes me a long time to settle inside, even longer if it's a place I've never been before. I can be a bit of a busy body and will need supervision or I may be tempted to chew something I'm not supposed to. That being said, if you're around and not paying attention to me, I may bug you until you do. I can still be a little mouthy when I am playing, lots of redirection to toys and chews.

I am hoping that my forever family will be awesome humans, lots of play, adventures, cuddles, but most importantly I need them
to be patient.

Some new things can make me a bit unsure and I need my family to be understanding that they'll need to work with me during
this big life change, hire a trainer and give me time to adjust.

My perfect match
- Be able to commit to coming to visit me a few times at the shelter before going into my forever home
- A family with patience
- Understanding that a lot of things are new to me, I may need time to adjust to my new surrounding
- Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the
tools they will need when I come across something that is scary to me
- Be ready for the 10+ year commitment
- Keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits.

My Story:

I was a stray that was found by a concerned citizen, my life before WAG is a bit of a mystery. I am a young pup who hopes to find his forever family soon!


If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating to WAG so they can always help animals like me!


Cal & Sol


Cal & Sol

Breed: Lab/Mastiff cross
Gender: Males
Age: approx. 3 years old
Size: Extra Large


Energy Level: Medium/High
Training Goals: Individual training sessions - working on polite introductions to new people and other dogs.
House trained? Yes
Kids? 15 years+

Cats? No
Dogs? Yes, as long as we get along! We can be selective of our dog friends - we do not get along with unneutered males.
Medical Needs: None

About Me:

My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know us before taking us home. We are fearful of strangers when we first meet them.

-Has experience with fearful dogs. Our reactions to fears can include barking & lunging or not wanting to move!

-Has lots of patience and understanding of our past - we were feral with our other siblings for the first 6 months of our lives, then our first home was PAWS & WAG.

-Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus for morning zoomies!

-Loves goofy loveable quirky boys! When we are comfortable with you, we like to show off and get into mischief.

-Will continue with our training and be okay with doing individual training for each of us. We are very food motivated and already know a lot of basic training goals!

-We need help to grow confidence without the other, while we love going on walks together, we need individual walks as well!

-Will be okay with vocal dogs! We are both loud barkers and sometime bark in excitement!

-Will be strong! We are both strong and there is two of us 😉

-Will love us forever no matter what, quirks and all!


About Us:

-Although we take a while to warm up to new people, once we trust you we are very loyal to our friends.

-We are both very well behaved in the home, although we are at the counter level, we never sneak stuff off!

-We are very shy about meeting new people, you may need to meet a few times before we are friends.

-We enjoy quiet walks in the woods, we would need to work slowly on enjoying walks in busier areas.

-We need lots of gentle training, we loved getting a chance to work with Saundra from Alpine dogs!

-We have a few tricks up our sleeves - 'Touch' will bring us right to you for a touch of your hand and a treat. - 'This way' will let us know that we are going to turn abruptly to a new direction if you want us to avoid something. We do well with recall when it has been practised in a safe environment and with a long line. 'Leave it' often reminds us to check in with our human. 'Sit' and 'lie down' are easy for us 🙂 We are still learning 'stay' but doing pretty good with that too!



Our Story:

Our first 6 months of our lives were without human interaction, we were with our 2 other littermates and no home. We were brought into PAWS and shortly after transferred to WAG. After some time at WAG, we really settled in and were ready to find a home to call our own. We were adopted by a lovely individual who put in lots of time to gain our trust and we loved her greatly. Unfortunately, we were brought back to WAG as we are a lot of dog for one person!


If you cannot adopt at this time, please consider donating to our WAG, they continue to take in animals like us, who will need a little more time to find their forever family.




Breed: Sheperd mix
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years old
Size: Large

Energy Level: High
Training Goals: Marvin will need mandatory training sessions booked in with a WAG approved trainer. Gaining confidence in new places, learning polite introductions with other dogs, basic manners
House trained? Yes
Kids? No

Cats? No
Dogs? I would like to be the only dog in the house and can get excited when I see dogs on walks. I get along only with some dogs and in the right situations.
Medical Needs: Anxiety medication

My Perfect Match:

-Has a safe a secure fenced yard. I may never be a candidate for being off leash or going to public parks and dog parks as I get overwhelmed easily.

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. I am fearful of strangers when I first meet them.

-Has experience with fearful dogs. My reactions to my fears can include trying to run away (I am very strong!) or flattening myself to the ground and not wanting to move!

-Has lots of patience and understanding of my past - I did not develvope in a normal environment so my needs are different than your average dog.

-Loves goofy loveable quirky boys. I am so much fun to play with when I feel safe and can be off leash in a secure area. I love to play fetch and tug-of-war and soccer, and have lots of energy!

-Will continue with my training and keep me on leash. My training needs will be more about confidence building and creating positive associations rather than basic commands.

-Will buy me a GPS tracker that I must wear on walks to keep me safe! I am a flight risk so this is a requirment.

-Is strong! I am strong 🙂

-Will love me forever no matter what!


About Me:

-I LOVE to play with any ball of any size!
-I love to swim, any time of the year, but I do need a life jacket 🙂
-I am very busy but am learning to relax with the help of medication.
-I am very shy meeting new people, you may need to meet me a few times before we are friends.
-I am still nervous going on walks and would like a quiet yard in my new home.
-I need lots of gentle training.
-I am nervous of loud noises and new things and will need someone who is patient with me.
-I have never lived in a home before.
- I need a family that is okay with the fact that there will be some situations I won't ever enjoy


Marvin has been in a foster home for the last few months, this is what his foster dad has to say!

The World According to Marv


The wonderful girls at Wag have asked me to put down a few words to give some insight as to how Marvin has been doing the few months outside the Shelter. I have had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with Marv over the last several months. At first just taking him for hikes, walks, swims and other adventures. I have been fostering him for several weeks now being together pretty much 24 / 7 together. When I first thought of trying to have him stay with me it was a bit of a slow start as he was very scared to even come inside where I live. It took many visits just to hang out on the decks and the back yard with the door open before he was curious enough to try to come inside. I did not know it at the time but found out that he had not really ever been inside any where other than the Shelter. Taking our time and more visits he finally mustered the courage to come inside. The first few times inside he was extremely anxious but slowly became more comfortable and we decided to try a few sleep overs. The first ones were honestly pretty intense at times as there were so many new things that were foreign and scary to Marv. The kitchen was a no-go zone for a while even though that is where I feed him and pay extra attention with treats and encouraging him to smell things that were making him anxious. The fridge door and the recycle bin can at times still be a little tough for him.

Over the last several weeks Marvin has made so much progress in so many ways. Noises of all kinds can be very scary to him. In the beginning he had trouble getting used to surround sound while the TV was on, old hat now it does not bother him at all. Music was also something that he wasn’t used to, he is getting more comfortable with it. I play several instruments so it was important that I at least attempt to see if he could get over this fear. Right off the bat he was intrigued by harmonicas, he loves the sound and reacts happily when I play. He is slowly getting more used to guitars, again at first the sound and the action of playing made him uncomfortable. Other noises like washing dishes, the oven door and other back ground noises are things that bother him less and less now. He is also starting to see the vacuum as a necessary piece of equipment, sweeping the floors he choses mostly to leave the room. Marvin continues to relax and settle in so many situations way more quickly where he would have had trouble before which is truly such a great thing to experience. He was a bit of a bed hog at first but now understands that vertical is the way to go…not horizontal. He has learned to tone down the level of play while inside. He has adapted to going to the same area to go to the bathroom and has also settled in on a regular schedule. Most mornings are a really fun experience, some days he wakes up so happy & the lick and love fest is on! Other days he is a bit of a lazy bones and chooses to sleep long after I get up. He is still striving to be a lap dog & loves to lay on top of me…don’t think he knows he is a little on the heavy side. He can still get really excited when gearing up to leave with his harness and leash but he is trying hard and working on it. Coming home is a breeze, he will sit immediately coming inside to remove his harness and leash. He also now lets me dry him off with a towel on rain days, took some getting used to but he is good with it…including his paws. He is also OK with a tea towel under his chin covering his front legs /paws as a napkin while I eat meals…Marv can be a bit of a slobber guy at times so this is a good thing.


Marvin is also a great work assistant. He is totally happy to chill when I have to spend computer time and when it is time to go out on the road, he absolutely loves it. He has adopted the back seat of my vehicle as a comfort zone, he was at first panting and pacing often when I had stops on my work day. Now he is almost always laying down and chilled out when I get back from a stop. He so looks forward to going out to do the work runs. We have also been working hard on adventures outside his comfort zone. Again it has taken a while but he is getting more and more used to going to places like Spruce Grove, Meadow Park and other places where there is a lot going on. He still prefers the hikes in out of the way places but is making huge strides where there are people and other dogs. He has met a number of other dogs including a puppy that lives next door with great success, he does get excited but his body language says he really loves these experiences and am continuing to explore these great encounters. I feel very fortunate to have the chance to spend so much time with Marv. He is an extremely loving, incredibly smart puppy that is trying so hard to please. He at times is still learning how to figure that out but his victories are more and more frequent and his confidence levels are growing daily. Getting him outside his comfort zones slowly are really starting to let him come out of his shell…extremely rewarding thing to be a part of.

Every day is a new one in so many ways with Marv, love him to bits and then some !

My Story:

I was surrendered to WAG after my previous family could no longer take care of me. I was left outside a lot, my owners no longer had the time for me. I hope to find an amazing new home that is excited to have me as a member of the family!





Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 3 year's old
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: At WAG

Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: To work one on one with her & a trainer to help overcome fears & anxieties
House trained? Yes
Kids? No

Cats? No
Dogs? No
Medical Needs: I have had a very unstable past, to help me cope with my fears I am on anti-anxiety medication!


My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take many trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. It takes a few controlled sessions to make the slow introduction and convince me I don;t have to be scared of you.

-You are a woman with no male signifigant other.

-Is experienced with reactive dogs. I do not have any "history" right now, and I need to keep it that way! That will be up to YOU to keep me and everyone else safe.

-Lives in a QUIET area – busy places are not for me! I need a direct and private access to the outdoors where I will not be running into strange humans or dogs.

-A safe, secure, and private yard is a huge bonus.

-Loves snuggly girls, watching movies, suntanning in the back yard, and SNACKS!

-Will continue with my training and take me on SAFE and SECLUDED walks/adventures only. I will not be able to walk down busy streets, go to dog parks, or other busy places.

-Patient with me on our first few meetings – I will be scared of you at first and you will need to make multiple trips to WAG before I understand that you are not a threat.

-Is pro-muzzle. I need to wear one in public to keep me and everyone else safe.

-Lives a quiet lifestyle with no visitors/social events at the house. I do not like visitors unless I have already built a relationship with them.

-Will love me forever no matter what!


UPDATE: A wonderful supporter has offered to pay for my First Mate food for the entire first year after my adoption! WOW!


About Me:

-I arrived at WAG when my owners were arrested and I was seized. They never came back to get me so WAG has welcomed me to stay until I find a new home.

-I am VERY scared of men and would like a home with a woman.

- I can be a big leash puller so my new owner needs to be strong, but my leash manners are getting better every day!

-I like to go on hikes but I mostly like to be with you!

-I love to sleep in and cuddle on the couch with you for hours. I am a movie night and snacks kind of girl!

-You will need to meet me a few times before we are best friends, but warm chicken is a path to my heart!

-I like to sit on top of my favourite humans and give them hugs and kisses! In exchange, they can rub my belly for hours.

-I can spend hours napping in the sun.

-I LOVE to swim!! I am a mermaid.

-I am very smart and am extremely sensitive to other's emotions.

-I never wore a muzzle when I came to WAG and now I am fully muzzle trained.

My Story:

I have had a very unstable start to my life. I was impounded by the RCMP when my previous caregivers were arrested. They never returned to pick me up and I was left at WAG.

It is believed that I was abused and neglected in my previous home, hence my fearfulness and anxiety. I have never had a stable home life, or proper training, both of which I need in my next home.

I am quite sad that I've found myself at a shelter but I have settled into the stable routine well and impressed the staff at how much I have grown in my time here!

I can't wait for a lady that will commit a lifetime of love to me.