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Domestic Shorthair
6 Years old

I am looking for a calm home with little stress!


Unknown at this time


Unknown at this time

Litter trained?

Yes, but recent accidents due to my illness

Medical needs

I am recovering from a recent urinary issue, I am on a special vet diet to help with this and will need to be monitored

Energy level

Currently low, I am in recovery

My story:

Hi I'm Garfield! 

I'm a new arrival at WAG after coming into care due to becoming very unwell with urinary issues. I am the latest critical care case around here, after being treated and hospitalised at Coast Mountain Vet just before the May long weekend. I needed emergency care due to urinary issues including lots of tests, fluids and medications. I am on the mend and on my journey back to better health thanks to the second chance I was given by WAG's Critical Care Fund, which is in place for special cases like mine that tend to require a lot of resources and potential aftercare. I was very timid at first, but seem to be settling into the routine around here WAG and luckily I am a good patient! I am on several medications and a special urinary diet, with monitoring of my fluid intake, stress levels and a close eye on my litterbox habits. I will need further rechecks and to continue on this diet for now, with any further recommendations made by my vet to be followed to make sure I don't become unwell again. I am slowly gaining energy and starting to show the staff my sweet and playful personality, but I am not out of the woods yet.

If you are in a position to donate towards my care, please consider making a one time or even a monthly gift via WAG's website today! Thank you to the team at Coast Mountain Vets for taking such good care of me when I needed it the most. Fingers crossed I will continue to heal and they will be pleased with my progress at my recheck. Please keep an eye on my profile and WAG's social media for updates on how I am getting on! I am such a sweetheart, I hope I am not at WAG for long before someone offers me a spot in their heart and home for good.

Keep an eye on my profile as the team learn more about me and my ideal home, as well as any health updates when we have them. If you feel you could give me a calm, warm and safe home to spend my days whilst keeping my health as top priority then please fill out an adoption form by clicking "Apply to Adopt" today.

My purrrrfect match:

  • will be proactive with my health and give me all the love and care I need for all my years

  • will continue my health plan and take me for rechecks with my vet, with any extra care required/ recommended moving forward,  this currently includes prescription food 

  • will be patient while I transition into my new home with my new  family, I have had a lot of changes recently and I will need time to  settle in. I would like a calm home where I can really relax and rest  up.

  • will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio if deemed appropriate etc.

  • will keep me safe and happy, forever!

Photos of me:

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