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Oliver + Rex (bonded pair)

Domestic Shorthair
Oliver ~8yrs, Rex ~1-2yrs

We are looking for a calm, quiet household


We love each other very much!


Unknown at this time

Litter trained?


Medical needs

Moving forward - yearly checkups and vaccine boosters as standard

Energy level

Currently low - settling in at WAG and recovering from neuter surgery, but may increase with time and confidence levels

My story:

Hello - we are Oliver and Rex! We came into WAG's care together, and that's how we are most comfortable, with each other.

We are recent arrivals at WAG so the staff are still getting to know us and our needs better. We hope we don't have to wait long at the shelter before we are adopted, its kind of loud and busy here but we have been slowly coming out of our shells and enjoy spending time with the staff and volunteers. We have moved abodes a couple of times recently, so hope that our next move will be our last and we can really relax and make ourselves comfortable!

Oliver is the older and more confident of the pair, from day 1 he has been keen to come and say hi to visitors and check things out. Rex is the younger and shyer of the two who was recently neutered and so is focusing on recovering from that first of all! Oliver his BFF is a great role model and the pair are hoping to be able to stay together.

These gents were seen by the wonderful Vet team at Eagleview for their first checkups, vaccines and Rex's neuter surgery. They were unsure about the whole thing but were both brave and great little patients. There’s been a lot of changes in their lives recently and so these beautiful boys would very much like to be adopted by people who understand that time and patience, combined with love and respect is very important for them.

They hope they are able to find a home together soon! Please keep an eye on their profile for updates as we all get to know each other better, or if you feel that you can offer them the home they are looking for, what are you waiting for? Click "apply to adopt" today!

Shyer cats and bonded pairs usually have a long stay at the shelter, donating to their care helps WAG always ensure that we have a spot for special kitties like these. If you can't adopt, please consider donating or even becoming a foster home whilst they wait!

My purrrrfect match:

  • will be ready for a 10+ year commitment, with consideration of additional costs for two cats.

  • have lots of patience whilst we learn to feel comfortable with our new family.

  • someone who understands that we might not want to cuddled or be touched all the time.

  • will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.

  • will keep our health in mind and take us into the vet for yearly checkups.

  • understand that Rex is a youngster with not much known about Oliver either, so our personalities may change over time!

  • will keep us safe and happy, forever.

Photos of me:

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