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Domestic Shorthair
Approx. 12+ years

Older kids possibly, but I am looking for a calm, QUIET home


I have spent time with other cats but I prefer being the only pet in the home


No thank you very much! I don't like them at all it seems

Litter trained?


Medical needs

Weight Loss with a special diet, help with my joints, anything else that comes up moving forward

Energy level

Currently low, but I am just settling in after a big transition

My story:

Hi I'm Tux! I've found myself at the shelter in my golden years and am looking for a retirement home where I will be doted on and cared for forever.

I'm around 12 years old and was very well loved by my pet parent but sadly they needed some assistance when their own health declined. So I came to WAG when my loving guardian was no longer able to take care of me and knew that WAG would get me the help I needed and find me a home to spoil me for the rest of my years.

As you can see, I do need to work on my own health too as I am a chonky girl who is on a mission to loose some of these extra pounds! I settled in well at WAG and made lots of new friends but I'm now in a wonderful foster home where I am getting lots of TLC.

I love: naps, gentle brushing, food, chin rubs and more naps. I have a few cosy beds and have been trying each one out! I love it here, its much quieter than the shelter and I adore spending time with my foster mom all day as she works from home on the computer next to me. I have been getting monthly Solensia shots to help me with my mobility as my joints are sore, it seems to be working and I'm currently on prescription vet food designed to provide all that is needed for an older gal like me. Although if you ask me, they are being a little strict with my portion control around here.....

Guess what? Shout out to the generous folks at @Petfinder Foundation for awarding WAG with the Senior Pet Grant for little old me! This grant is designed to help alleviate some of the costs that can be associated with adopting a more senior pet. I've been lucky to receive $1000 which will help to cover a variety of costs, including medication and food expenses, for my future adopters. This is an amazing bonus for whoever is lucky enough to adopt me! Want to know more about how the grant works? Email us at

Senior's like me often spend a long time awaiting adoption which can require lots of resources. But, thanks to donations to WAG's Critical Care Program cases like mine can be taken on to offer us a second chance at health and happiness. Please consider donating to their fund if you are in a position to do so!

Keep an eye on my profile as the team learn more about me and my ideal home, as well as any health updates when we have them. If you feel you could give me a calm, warm and safe home to spend my days then please fill out an adoption application by clicking "Apply to Adopt" today.

My purrrrfect match:

  • will be proactive with my health and give me all the love and care I need in my senior years, whatever that may bring

  • will continue my health plan and keep me on the special vet food I am currently eating as prescribed by my vet, with any extra checkups as required/ recommended

  • will be patient while I transition into my new home with my new family, I have had a lot of changes recently and I will need time to settle in. I would like a calm home where I can really relax

  • will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio if deemed appropriate etc.

  • will keep me safe and happy, forever

Photos of me:

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