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Shepherd X Collie (?)




Approx. 4 years




Likely older kids with proper separation and supervision


Unknown. I have not met any cats at WAG yet but I am quite interested in birds and critters on my walks


Likely, with proper introductions, supervision and separation (especially whilst I recover from my spay surgery which is coming up)

House Trained


Medical needs

I've recently had a vet checkup and DAPP vaccine, I'll need my vaccine booster and recovery from my upcoming spay

Energy levels

I'm an active girl but I am timid too

Training goals

Training with a local WAG approved positive reinforcement trainer recommended

My story:

Hi I'm Grace! I'm a sweet younger girl who has recently found myself at WAG and am still settling in and getting used to my new routine. 

My loving guardians reached out to WAG when they made the decision to look for a new home for me. I had a couple of litters in the past and am now looking forward to my next adventure where I'll be the primary focus and can really thrive!

So far I have been brave whilst making friends with the staff and some of the volunteers at the shelter and on some fun walks. I am around 4 years old and have had a few litters of puppies in my life, I am booked in for my spay surgery next week so I won't have any more pups to take care of and can focus on being a pup myself! 

I am timid but I have been quick to trust my new friends here and am a big fan of the treats and goodies being served by the staff. I have been practicing my harness and leash walking and am keen to go on adventures in the local woods and do lots of sniffing and get my steps in. I am smart and am keen to learn new things that will help me in my new home and life. 

I am good at checking in on walks and although I get nervous by loud sounds like the helicopters overhead or the loud busses, I will seek comfort and reassurance in my new human friends and recover fairly quickly. I don't really like spending time in my kennel so far, its a big change for me and I'd really like to find my new family soon and get settled in and outta the loud, busy shelter.

I'm a real gentle, sweetheart and have made lots of friends at the shelter already. I am learning to trust and can't wait for someone to come along looking for someone like me, a sensitive soul ready to complete your family. I'd love a home where the humans have lots of time for me, to play, continue my learning, adore me and keep me safe whilst moving at my pace. If you think we'd be a great fit, please scroll down and fill out an application form today!

Please keep an eye on my profile for updates as the staff get to know me better.

If you are not currently in a position to adopt, please consider making a donation to WAG to help Grace and other doggos in need. Your donations make a difference in providing care, shelter, and hope for animals facing adversity and helps them in their journey to their individual future adoptions. If you require assistance in spaying/ neutering your own animals, please reach out to WAG to find out more about our programs.

My perfect home:

  • Is willing to take a trip or two to WAG to get to know me before taking me home. I'm shy at first but I will soon learn to trust you.

  • A family with patience who love active, sensitive, sweet young dogs!

  • Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently and to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption. Especially if I am to live with other dogs, critters or kids.

  • Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me learn new skills and give me the best set up for success.

  • Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus. If not, being okay with using a long line to allow freedom but keep me safe works too!

  • Will take me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health.

Photos of me:

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