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Pitbull Mix




Approx. 8 months old




Unknown at this time


Unknown at this time



House Trained

Working on it!

Medical needs

I am booked in for my neuter soon and have had my first vaccine and checkup.

Energy levels

I have lots of energy and am still a young pup!

Training goals

Post adoption training with a WAG approved positive reinforcement trainer

My story:

Hi, I'm Treble! 

I'm a young pup who is a new arrival at WAG so am getting used to my new surroundings. I spent most of my time outdoors before I came here so I am understandably nervous and unsure about lots of things. I am sure that I love humans though and relish in having pets and cuddles and playing with my toys in the shelter isolation outdoor run. Healthwise, I had my first checkup vaccine, and dewormer/ flea treatment at WAG's recent Animal Wellness Clinic and will be neutered in the near future. I am a sweet and wiggly boy and adore seeing my staff friends. I hope to make some doggy friends soon too, that will be fun and help my anxieties. I was really brave in the car and have been making progress each day, I have started wearing a harness and leash on short walks locally but it is quite loud around here so I have been getting lots of encouragement and love to help me feel safe. 

The WAG team is still getting to know me so keep an eye on my profile for updates on my likes, dislikes and more info on my pawfect match/ requirements as we learn more about each other! If I have stolen your heart, please fill in an adoption application as the first step in adopting me! 

My perfect home:

  • Pawrents with patience who can continue helping me learn more about the world and give me lots of time and love whilst I settle in and beyond

  • Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently. I am not used to being indoors, car rides and more. I will need support gaining confidence in many areas.

  •  Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer who can work with me and my family to help us all post adoption.

  • Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus. If not - no problem but being okay with using a long line to allow freedom whilst keeping me safe. I am a flight risk at this time!

  • Will take me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health and anything that might come up during my life.

Photos of me:

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