A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise


Foster Program

Do you love animals? Do you have room in your home and heart to help a cat or dog without a family? Do you have patience and dedication? Then please consider fostering!

Benefits of Foster homes:

  • Beneficial for animals that are not adjusting to shelter life and remain stressed in the shelter environment.
  • Animals that are not ready for adoption due to temporary health problems, too young to be in the shelter, or even a pregnant mother.
  • Provide valuable information to the staff about the animal's personality.
  • Allows WAG staff to spend more time with the animals at the shelter.
  • Provides a safe and calm environment to recover and distress.  This makes the animal more adoptable!
Sweet Dreams

The Sweet Dreams Foster Program is designed for dogs and puppies only and requires fostering the animal only at night. As a Sweet Dreams Foster Parent, you will be responsible for picking up the dog each night from WAG and bringing them back each day. This program is focused on providing our shelter dogs with a warm bed and company at night, rather than being left alone in their kennels at the shelter. This greatly reduced kennel stress, boredom, and depression.

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The House Heaven Foster Program is available for all types of animals, but will primarily apply to cats and kittens. As a House Heaven Foster Parent, you will allow a WAG animal to live in your home until they are adopted (or as long as possible). You may occasionally need to bring them to WAG for Open Adoption Days, veterinary treatments, or adoption meetings, and you must be willing to allow potential adopters to meet the animal in your home at a pre-arranged, mutually convenient time. This program applies to animals that we have no room for at the shelter, are extremely kennel stressed, or have been at the shelter for an extended period of time.

It is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of fostering is to make the animal happy and more adoptable.  Not all animals are good candidates for fostering, our foster program selects which animals will benefit from fostering and matches them with a foster home.

If we do not have a suitable animal in need, we will keep your application on file and will contact you when one becomes available.

WAG will provide all necessary food, litter, medication, accessories (food/water dishes, beds, toys, leashes, harnesses, litter boxes, etc) and anything else the animal may require.