A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 2 year's old
Size: Medium
Where you can find me: At WAG


Energy Level: Medium
Training Goals: To work one on one with her & a trainer to help overcome fears & anxieties
House trained? Yes
Kids? No
Cats? No
Dogs? No
Medical Needs: I have had a very unstable past, to help me cope with my fears I am on anti-anxiety medication!

About Me:

-I arrived at WAG when my owners were arrested and I was seized. They never came back to get me so WAG has welcomed me to stay until I find a new home.

-I am VERY scared of men and would like a home with a woman.

-I am like to go on hikes but I mostly like to be with you!

-I love to sleep in and cuddle on the couch with you for hours. I am a movie night and snacks kind of girl!

-You will need to meet me a few times before we are best friends, but warm chicken is a path to my heart!

-I like to sit on top of my favourite humans and give them hugs and kisses! In exchange, they can rub my belly for hours.

-I can spend hours napping in the sun.

-I LOVE to swim!! I am a mermaid.

-I am very smart and am extremely sensitive to others emotions.

-I never wore a muzzle when I came to WAG and now I am fully muzzle trained.

My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home.

-Is experienced with reactive dogs.

-Gentle and kind.

-Lives in a QUIET area – busy places are not for me!

-Has a yard – I get nervous on busy walks so having a safe and secure yard with a solid fence where I can relax is a must.

-Loves snuggly girls, watching movies, suntanning in the back yard, and SNACKS!

-Will continue with my training and take me on SAFE and secluded walks and adventures only.

-Patient with me on our first few meetings – I will probably be scared of you at first!

-Is pro-muzzle.

-Lives a quiet lifestyle with few visitors/social events at the house.

-Will love me forever no matter what!


UPDATE: A wonderful supporter has offered to pay for my First Mate food for the entire first year after my adoption! WOW!


My Story:

I have had a very unstable start to my life. I was impounded by the RCMP when my previous caregivers were arrested. They never returned to pick me up and I was left at WAG. It is believed that I was abused and neglected in my previous home, hence my fearfulness and anxiety. I have never had a stable home life, or proper training, both of which I need in my next home. I am quite sad that I've found myself at a shelter but I have settled into the stable routine well and impressed the staff at how much I have grown in my time here! I can't wait for a family that will commit a lifetime of love to me.