A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

Peter – Adoption Pending!



Breed: Unknown parents - Suspected Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Age: 6 months old
Size: Small but growing
Where you can find me: In a foster home! 


Energy Level: Bed rest for the next month
Training Goals: Mandatory Training session booked in with a WAG approved trainer post-adoption
House trained? Learning!
Kids? Yes, but will need to be gentle.
Cats? Yes, with proper socialization
Dogs? Yes, both of my foster homes have dogs
Medical Needs: Broken Pelvis 

About Me:

- I am a gentle & sweet boy who loves head scratches

- I have been very brave at every vet appointment

- I can get a little bored, bed rest sucks for a puppy! 

My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to make my recovery their #1 priority 

-Will continue to work with my veterinary team to get me happy & healthy

-Is understanding that I will have limitations on my physical ability

-Will be excitied to help me learn to swim, this will be very helpful with my mobilty

-Gentle and kind.

-Loves snuggly, sweet, and sassy boys.

-Will love me forever no matter what!

My Story:

 Peter  was hit by a car and left without care for 3 days. We are beyond grateful for our volunteer driver who dropped what she was doing to go find Peter right away and take him to Coast Mountain Vet clinic. Dr. Sola and her compassionate team were incredible with Peter and helped get his pain under control. Peter has many injuries including a badly fractured pelvis. The pain and suffering that this little guy went through before coming to WAG is unbearable to think about. Peter was a very brave boy at his last vet appointment! We travelled to Squamish to see our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Lane. Peter was the perfect patient, even allowing Dr. Lane to drain the incredibly large Seroma on his belly. Dr. Lane assessed his fractured pelvis. Unfortunately, Peters pelvis is broken in 4 places including his sacrum. While he is not a candidate for surgery we do have a treatment plan for Petey that will help him have a happy, pain-free life! He will be on strict kennel rest for the month, this is very hard for a young puppy to do, all he wants it to be able to run and play, and right now it's a struggle for him to get up and walk a few steps. If you would like to make a donation, Peter would love some tasty bones to keep him busy  Hopefully this month of rest will allow him to gain weight and muscle and allow his bones to fuse and then we can continue with rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Thank you for donating to his critical care fund and sharing his story we could not do this without you! A big thank you to Dr. Lane and the Eagleview team for all you do for WAG. 

If you cannot adopt me at this time please consider making a donation to WAG, I was part of WAG's Critical Care program, without which they would not have been able to save my life or the lives of so many others!