A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise




Breed: Mixed Breed - Suspected Shepherd/Lab/Pitty 
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old
Size: Medium/Large
Where you can find me: At WAG


Energy Level: High
Training Goals: Mandatory Training session booked in with a WAG approved trainer post-adoption
House trained? Yes
Kids? 10 + with proper supervision, I am a bouncy girl! 
Cats? No thanks! 
Dogs? I would love to have a canine sibling, as long as I still have my own space 🙂
Medical Needs: None

About Me:


I am a bouncy, affectionate lady looking for a new start to life!

I love to say hi to new people that I meet, and sometimes I am so excited to meet them I try to kiss them!

I had never walked on a leash prior to WAG, but staff tell me I am doing very well.

I hadn't seen many bikes or busses at my previous home, so these are a bit weird to me. The more that I see them, the less they bother me, I am a very fast learner.


A little update from a foster home Coho get's to go to sometimes! -

 She has improved so much since we first took her and she is doing really well in the home 🙂

I love cuddling, napping in funny positions, going for hikes in the woods, bike rides, and sniffing for squirrels.

I have a very different personality when I am in a calm environment! When I am comfortable I am very affectionate and relaxed.

I love people and I am making some new dog friends, but I can get nervous when I meet strangers for the first time.

I would rather not be in an environment that is too noisy, it takes me a while to get used to my surroundings and that might be too overwhelming for me!

I need a patient human to help me adjust to life outside of WAG, lots of yummy treats and a comfortable place to nap. 


My Perfect Match:

-Is willing to take a few trips to WAG to get to know me before taking me home.

-Has lots of patience and understanding of my past.

-Loves snuggly, sweet, and affectionate girls.

-Will continue with my training.

-Will go very slow with me and let me move at my own pace.

-Will love me forever no matter what!

My Story:

I came to WAG with my littermate, Sockeye. Our previous owners could no longer care for us, and we are now looking for a new start to life! We do love each other, however, we don't mind too much if we end up in a home together.

If you cannot adopt me at this time please consider making a donation to WAG!