A Shelter Full of Hope and Promise

WAG Swag

Poo Bag Dispensers

Never leave home without the essentials...

$7 - minimum donation

WAG Bandanas

Show the world how proud you are of your rescued pet!

$10 - minimum donation

Re-Usable Shopping Bags

This massive tote will carry all your bagging needs! The bright colors makes it easy to find and collapsible style makes it easy to store and carry.

$10 - minimum donation

Rescue Bumper Stickers

Show the world how much you love your rescued pet with these durable, removable bumper stickers.

$5 - minimum donation

Books by Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

An amazing resource for all things adoption, rescue, and behavior, these books have become essential tools of our shelter and we want to spread the word about them! Available for a variety of training and behavior topics, pick up your copy today...the perfect gift for a new parent!

$10 - minimum donation