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Dog Adoption Application

Adoption is a lifetime commitment to that animal - please make sure you are ready!


We appreciate your commitment to adopting from WAG, and we look forward to assisting you in welcoming a new furry family member. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Are you planning on any of the following in the next month?
Why do you want this animal? Please check all that apply:
Living Arrangements: Do you own or rent?
Do you have Canadian Residency?
Does your residence have a strata?
Do your strata bylaws allow dogs of this breed/weight?
Do you have a yard?
Is it fenced? (This is not a prerequisite for adopting, but may be beneficial for specific animals)
Are there any children in the home?
Are there any visiting children?
Do you currently have any other pets?
Have you had pets before?
Where will your dog stay when you are not home during the day?
Where will your dog stay during the night?
Do you have plans to participate in training classes with this dog?
Have you researched any trainers in your local area that you plan on using?
What training methods do you plan to use with your dog?
Are you willing to work on any of the below behaviours?
Have you looked into pet insurance?
Have you looked into local vets for your new animal?
Have you adopted from WAG in the past?
Have you surrendered or given away a pet before?
Have you ever been charged with neglect or cruelty to animals?
Which of the following would force you to give up your dog?
Are you familiar with your local animal control bylaws? (Including those relating to breed specific legislation if applicable)
Are you open to potentially adopting another dog (based on our expert recommendations) if this one is not the right match?

Thank you for getting in touch! We look forward to connecting with you regarding adoption opportunities.

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