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Taylor’s heart surgery was a huge success!

We are thrilled to announce that Taylor has received the first successful open heart surgery on a dog in BC.

After weeks of preparation, the team at Canada West Veterinary Specialists came together and performed the first successful open heart surgery in BC. 

The procedure itself took less than two minutes (1 minute and 40 seconds to be exact!), though much preparation was needed, and was performed by Dr. Mike King, a surgeon at Canada West.

WAG would like to thank Dr. Braun, Dr. King, and the entire medical team who made Taylor’s story a success.

WAG would also like to thank Taylor’s soon-to-be dad, who has fostered Taylor for many weeks, taking care of him, and bringing him to all his veterinary appointments. He welcomed Taylor into his family even when his future was uncertain.

WAG would like to thank our donors, whose hearts were touched by Taylor and his story, and have helped us make this incredible possibility a reality.


We are still trying to raise money for Taylor’s care. Please consider donating and help us reach our goal of $5000!

We are only $950 away from our $5000 goal!


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