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Marmalade – Adopted November 2023!


MARMALADE Breed: Domestic Shorthair Gender: Female Age: Approx. 1.5 years old Size: Small-Medium

Energy Level: Currently low as I have been helping my recent litter of kittens grow and learn all about their new world! May increase in the future. Litter trained? Yes! Kids? Yes, with proper socialisation, supervision and seperation Cats? Yes, with proper socialisation, supervision and seperation Dogs? Unknown, possibly with proper socialisation, supervision and seperation Medical Needs: finishing my first round of vaccines, recovering from my upcoming spay surgery once I am ready, then yearly vet visits

About Me:

Hi I’m Marmalade! I’ve been in the care of WAG for over 12 weeks now, after giving birth to my 6 babies – who are now starting to be weaned before they will be looking for their forever homes too. I am a young mom who can’t wait to have my turn to be a kitten myself, with someone else looking after me for a change! I’ve been super busy with my kids, but have enjoyed my time spent in a wonderful foster home where I was able to have a quiet, safe space to give birth and feed my kittens. Everyone around here is so excited that it is finally my turn to find my own family, to love me and keep me safe forever and ever. I have really made myself quite comfortable here. I prefers to be part of busy family rather than off on my own. I do like attention but I’m not pushy to get it and will politely back away if I’m not feeling like being pet.

I have had my first vet checkup and started my first found of core vaccines, not forgetting that I also have my spay coming up to make sure I have no more litters in my future….

I just can’t wait to find my people! I have been told I am very special girl and whoever adds me to their family will have totally lucked out! If you think we could be a match made in heaven, please scroll down and fill out an adoption application today.

– will be ready for a 15+ year commitment!

– have lots of patience while I transition into my new home with my new family

– will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.

– will keep my health in mind and take me into the vet for yearly checkups

– will understand that I am still developing and my personality may change over time!

– will keep me safe and happy, forever APPLY FOR MARMALADE!

My Story:

I was loved and looked after but when I was potentially pregnant again my carer knew they would have more animals than they had time and resources for. They promptly contacted WAG to make sure I would be safe, warm and well fed in time for my imminent birth. I will soon be spayed to ensure that this is my last ever litter and can all focus on myself! I am lucky to have been in a foster home since giving birth and not in the stressful shelter.

WAG can often have litters born in our care, although adorable they do take a lot of time and resources so if you can, please consider donating to WAG’s Critical Care Program, or Spay and Neuter Program, both of which help unwanted litters in the Sea to Sky corridor. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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