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Sabrina and Harvey – Adopted January 2024!


SABRINA & HARVEY (bonded pair) Breed: Domestic Shorthair Gender: Both Female  Age: Sabrina (black) approx. 1-2 years, Harvey (grey tabby) approx. 6-12 months  Size: Medium

Energy Level: Increasing as our confidence grows in our foster home, we are playful young girls Litter trained? Yes! Kids? We are looking for a calm, quiet household  Cats? We love each other very much! Dogs? Unknown Medical Needs: Moving forward – yearly checkups and vaccine boosters as standard. 

About Us:

Hello – we are Sabrina and Harvey!

We came into WAG’s care together, and that’s how we are most comfortable, with each other. We have been looking for a forever home for over 3 months now and we hope we don’t have to wait too much longer. Luckily we spent the last couple of months in a wonderful foster home where we had a quiet, calm space to relax and come out of our shells. We were great house guests but it would be a dream come true to find something more permanent where we know we never have to move again!

Sabrina is the more confident of the pair, from day 1 she was keen to come and say hi to visitors and get lots of attention. Toy wands have proved a great hit, really bringing out her playful side and personality. Harvey is the shyer of the two who is slowly but surely gaining confidence each day. She seems to like balls and will be slower to come out and say hi, but with patience she is coming out of her shell. Sabrina is a great role model and the pair are hoping to be able to stay together.

These ladies were seen by the wonderful Vet team at Eagleview for their first checkups, vaccines and spay surgeries. They both had terrible ear mites which have been treated and are feeling much better now! Harvey really isn’t keen on going in a crate but the vet let us know that even though she was clearly frightened, they were both brave and great little patients.

Sabrina is gentle, but sometimes can get a little rambunctious during play and thinks your hands are toys! She is learning that being rough during play is not okay. Meanwhile Harvey goes at her own pace with handling, and may never be a lap-cat but is warming up all the time. At first she hid and didn’t seem keen on coming out of her safe cat tree, but now is exploring and learning that humans are friends.

There’s been a lot of changes in our lives recently and so these gorgeous girls would very much like to be adopted by people who understand that time and patience, combined with love and respect is very important for us.

My Purrrfect Match

  1. will be ready for a 15+ year commitment, with consideration of additional costs for two cats.

  2. have lots of patience whilst we learn to feel comfortable with our new family.

  3. someone who understands that we might not want to cuddle or be touched all the time.

  4. will provide lots of enrichment, scratching towers, toys, catio etc.

  5. will keep our health in mind and take us into the vet for yearly checkups.

  6. understand that we are still developing and our personalities may change over time!

  7. will keep me safe and happy, forever. APPLY FOR SABRINA & HARVEY!

My Story:

My first family was no longer able to provide us the home we needed. As loving as they were, we are looking for a calm home environment, and an understanding one, as we are still young kitties and have lots to learn. Please consider adopting a pair and helping us stay together! DONATE TO WAG!

Pet Photography by Roberta Holden at Paw Prints Photo Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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