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A Look Back…


We at WAG just wanted to take a moment to commemorate the number of former sled dogs that came through WAG and were adopted out through this organization and the BC SPCA. In early 2012, in the wake of the 2010 mass slaughter of dogs at a now closed sled dog kennel, WAG was asked to partner with a newly created sled dog tour company to help downsize the kennel to a manageable number.  It wasn’t long before it was decided that the best option for the remaining dogs was to be adopted out and find their own Forever Homes.  The entire kennel of 182 dogs were surrendered to WAG and the BC SPCA and placed up for adoption.  Because many of these dogs had begun their lives living only outdoors and chained to dog houses, many needed extensive rehabilitation to get used to life indoors, increased exposure to new people and places, walking on leash and going to the bathroom outdoors and away from where they slept.  They learned the bliss of playing with toys and enjoying soft, warm and dry beds indoors, and meeting many new friends, both dog and human.  WAG staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to get these special animals ready for homes of their own, and even cared for each and every  female recovering from their spay surgeries.

The most recent adoption of Kawasaki marks the last of the dogs from this particular kennel to be adopted out through WAG.  In total, WAG personally rehabilitated, cared for, loved and adopted out 47 adults, 7 puppies, and helped 30 females recover from their spay surgeries; a total of 54 dogs came through WAG’s doors and found perfect homes through WAG’s Matchmaker Program, many of them right here in Whistler.  WAG staff also met extensively with each new owner to enable them prepare for the dogs’ transition from outdoor kennel to shelter to home.  The remaining dogs all found homes through a variety of BCSPCA locations.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through this time; first and foremost our adopters for giving these special dogs a chance!  Also to everyone who donated their time and money to help with the successful transition from kennel to shelter to home.

If you would like to read more about their individual stories and check out more photos, they are all featured in WAG’s 2013 Year Book, available online at


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