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A Star Shining over Whistler

A Star Shining over Whistler

On Friday September 21st Stellar went missing from his new home, this initiated an immediate reaction by the Whistler Community as everyone pulled together to search for the beloved Stellar.

It is with our deepest regrets that we are informing you that Stellar was found deceased by the side of the highway on Tuesday morning.

Stellar lived true to his name, sparkling as brilliant as a star. With his calm confidence he worked his life as a dedicated sled dog, and then transitioned into a loyal and affectionate companion upon his retirement. He was instrumental in helping to socialize other dogs as they gained confidence, almost guiding them into their Forever Homes.  Stellar was an old soul that was trusted by all.

He warmed everyone’s hearts daily whether you saw him lounging behind the WAG reception desk or playing in the Spotted Dog Run.

Like a star, his brilliance will forever stay in our hearts. It is this day we say goodbye to a beloved friend.


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