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Adoption Fees March 15 – 31, 2024

Updated: Mar 16

WAG currently has a full house and a waitlist for incoming animals hoping to join us soon.

For the first time we have decided to offer 50% off our standard adoption fees for a limited period to increase our animals chances of finding forever homes while also easing the financial burden on potential adopters. We recognize that times are tough and we encourage our adopters to put these funds towards other essentials - such as puppy training and pet insurance. Please note: WAG’s adoption process remains unchanged, including a commitment and preparedness for the long-term responsibilities and costs associated with pet guardianship.

Here at WAG we love our community and appreciate all of the support that comes our way. Whether via donations, volunteering, fostering, driving, fundraisers and more. Right now however, our greatest need is for adopters! If you're ready to expand your family, please consider adopting from WAG and supporting the shelter.

This trial will run until March 31st 2024.


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