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Apollo – Adopted November 2021!


Apollo Breed: Husky/Collie mix Gender: Male Age: 8 months old Size: Medium but growing still! 

Energy Level: High Training Goals: Apollo will need a post adoption training session with an approved WAG trainer House trained? Yes Kids? Yes, but active supervision and separation will be needed. Cats? Yes, but active supervision and separation will be needed. Dogs? Yes, but active supervision and separation will be needed. Medical Needs: Awaiting first vet check up, will need to finish his vaccination booster, then moving forward yearly check ins

About Me:

Hi I’m Apollo!

I am a young pup who still has LOTS to learn! I have been loving being at WAG, so far I have been happy to meet all the new humans, staff & volunteers. I am learning how to walk with a harness and a leash, and confidently, sometimes loud cars can scare me. I’m excited to go out for awesome adventures, I get to go to the river, smell lots and see new things.

When I get playful I can be very BOUNCY and not know my own body size. When playing with smaller dogs or humans I will need active supervision. I am hoping that my forever family will be awesome humans, lots of play, adventures, cuddles, but most importantly I need them to be patient. Some new things can make me a bit unsure and I need my family to be understanding that they’ll need to work with me during this big life change, hire a trainer and give me time to adjust.

My perfect match
  1. Be able to commit to coming to visit me a few times at the shelter before going into my forever home

  2.  A family with patience

  3.  Understanding that a lot of things are new to me, I may need time to adjust to my new surrounding

  4.  Be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me gain confidence and give my family the tools they will need when I come across something that is scary to me

  5.  Be ready for the 10+ year commitment

  6.  Keep me healthy and happy with proper exercise and yearly vet visits.

My Story:

My first family loved me, they took great care of me, but they were unable to provide the best home possible. They knew WAG would help find me a new home.

I hope it’s not long before my forever family comes around.

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