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Jimmy needs you!

Updated: Mar 17

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Breed: Lab Mix Gender: Male Age: 12 years old  Size: Large 
  • Energy Level: I’m 12 years old and am a serious power napper and leisure stroller

  • House trained? Yes! 

  • Kids? Most likely, preferably older kids/ teens

  • Cats? Unknown

  • Dogs? I’ve been keeping to myself while I heal up but used to live with some other dogs outside. I would need to be introduced properly and given time to adjust via proper separation and supervision. 

  • Medical Needs: I will need to have regular check-ups until I’m fully recovered and some further tests are pending. After that I should have routine vet visits to make sure I’m aging with grace!

About Me:

Meet Jimmy! 

New Critical Care animal Jimmy arrived at WAG on Valentine’s Day after being injured by a bull and in need of life saving surgery at Coast Mountain Vets. He came from a very loving home whose primary concern was ensuring the best care for him. They surrendered him into our care as they were worried that the environment he was living in was no longer safe for him in his senior years, even post recovery. They wanted him to have the safety of living indoors and having access to routine veterinary care. He is currently recovering from surgery at WAG and will be receiving regular check-ins with the team at Coast Mountain Vets. He is already making positive progress and winning over the hearts of the WAG Staff.

The surgery Jimmy required was to treat a large wound with a 14cm track into his deep muscle but luckily it did not extend into his thorax. He required further testing and a lot of medical care. This included a IDEXX General Panel, Radiographs, ECG Monitor, Hospitalization fees, lots of medications and anesthetic, 45 minutes of soft tissue surgery, fentanyl patches, IV fluids, cleaning the wound, stitching it together and inserting a Jackson-Pratt drain. It was important to ensure that the wound did not get infected and he was closely monitored, and we are pleased to update that he is healing well and should be getting his stitches removed next week!

This was possible due to our Critical Care Fund, which is largely funded by community donations. So your donations help us save animals like Jimmy. You can donate to Jimmy’s Critical Care Fund directly online at OR you can partake in our Month of Love Raffle and have a chance to win an amazing prize pack all while donating to WAG animals. You can read about how to enter here:

Thanks to the team at Coast Mountain for taking such amazing care of Jimmy ❤️

We are happy to see his waggy tail back in action when he sees his friends and are slowly getting to know this sweet, gentle boy at the shelter. So far he loves cuddles, treats and taking limited walks outside for pee breaks until he gets the all clear to go on longer more active adventures!

We will update his profile as we learn more about him and his needs, including further medical care and his suitable home environment moving forwards. He has been such a brave boy, if you are able to open your heart and home to foster him or even adopt him – please fill in an application form or reach out to the shelter today!

The right owner for me...
  • Is willing to take a couple of trips to get to know me before taking me home so I am comfortable with you, sometimes I get a little shy!

  • A family with patience who love sweet, wise, slower old doggos

  • Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently, alongside trauma and injury. I will need you to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption.

  • Will take me for regular vet checkups and be proactive with my health. I am currently in recovery from a major surgery and we are not sure what the future may bring and may need some further testing.

My Story:

I recently found myself at WAG and on the search for a new loving home after an accident left me needing emergency surgery. My previous owners made the incredibly hard decision to have me move to WAG so I can get the care and attention I deserve. I’m a very easy going guy – all I want is a place to call my own with someone who can offer stability, love and patience for all of my days.

If you can’t adopt right now you can still make a difference! Consider making a donation to WAG to help dogs like me and other furry friends in need. Your generosity will provide crucial support, care, and resources that ensure we receive the love and care we deserve and can be given a second chance.


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