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Meet Ichigo

Updated: Mar 17



Breed: Pittie Mix  Gender: Male Age: Approx. 6 months old Size: Still growing! Medium/ Large? 
  • Energy Level: I’m a big puppy with lots of energy! Lots of play and lots of rest required! House trained? Yes! 

  • Kids? Older kids likely

  • Cats? Dogs? I have lived with a cat before! We would need lots of supervision and separation at first. I like other dogs but I’m new around here and the staff are still getting to know me better! Watch this space. 

  • Medical Needs: I’ve had my first DA2PP vaccine and will need my booster soon! I will also be neutered when I’ve settled in a bit more.  

About Me:

I am very new at the shelter so the staff and volleys are still getting to know me better. My likes, dislikes and what my next adventure will look like in my new home. They do know that I am a sweet young boy with a lot of love to give. I have some great life skills already and would love to continue learning in my new home, but this is a big change for me so I’ll need some patience whilst I settle in. I have lived with a cat before and am quick to make friends with new people but I may need some help adjusting and living in a new household. I am approximately 6 months old and have recently been to the vet for my first checkup and vaccines, as well as dewormer and flea prevention as standard at intake. I did really well and the vet said I was a lovely pup, I will need my booster soon and will also be booked in for my neuter in the near future.

I love cuddles, toys, my bed and am keen to try new treats and have fun with my friends. I walk well on leash but am getting used to the busyness of the shelter, my personality is starting to shine but I’m sure there is lots to learn about me. I am SO handsome and am charming my way into everyones hearts already. Will you find room in your heart and home for me too? Hopefully I won’t be at WAG for long….

Are you ready to give me the WHOLE package – endless love, positive & considered socialisation experiences, training using positive reinforcement methods, tons of high quality nutrition, vet care as required, and all that I’ll need as I grow into an adult dog?

Remember – adopting a teen puppy is a huge commitment and I am still learning lots about the world around me. For more information about preparing to raise a puppy and beyond, we recommend the book “The Puppy Primer” by Patricia McConnell and have a few copies at WAG for purchase. If you’re ready to offer a warm and supportive environment to an adolescent determined puppy like me, please consider filling out an adoption application today. I’m excited to find a loving family that will help me continue to grow into a happy and healthy dog! The first stage to adoption via WAG is always to fill in an application form first, and then we will be in touch about the next steps. Thank you!

APPLY FOR ICHIGO if you are...
  • A family with patience who love sweet, bouncy young dogs who are still learning and growing each day

  • Understanding that I have had HUGE changes in my life recently and to give me the time I need to settle in and relax after my adoption. Especially if I am to live with other dogs or younger humans. Lots of things are new to me and I may have some fears.

  • Willing to be proactive with my training, using a WAG approved trainer that will help me learn new skills and give me the best set up for success.

  • Having a safe & secured yard would be a bonus. If not – not problem but being okay with using a long line to allow freedom whilst keeping me safe.

  • Open to taking me for annual vet checkups and be proactive with my health.

My Story:

WAG was contacted when my guardians made the difficult decision to find a new home for me. They loved me very much and gave me a great start to life, but due to no fault of my own it was not possible for me to stay with them. I am settling into the shelter and my new routine and I hope I won’t have to stay here for long before my next adventure awaits!

WAG is very full at the moment and receives new surrender calls each day, please consider adopting from your local shelter or applying to become a foster home to help our animals in need. If you are not in a position to adopt right now, please consider donating to WAG so that they can say ‘yes’ to animals like me who need some help still so early on in life.


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