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Arthur – Adopted February 2016

Arthur is a 10 year old Retriever cross Great Pyrenees. He is a gentle giant that sadly has ended up at a shelter in his senior years. Arthur has lived outside his whole life so it took him a while to get used to being indoors. Arthur was friends with everyone while he was here, his previous home he had cats and dogs so he was very well socialized. Arthur was a lucky senior man and was only in WAG’s care for one month before being adopted, half of his time being spent in a foster home! Arthur’s family has been loving the first year with their senior sweetie. They gave us this update

Arthur has grown so much in personality & spirit. He’s not even the same dog that we adopted almost a year ago. He loves going for trail walks around Alice Lake and enjoys hanging out at the river & lakes. He’s not a big swimmer but likes to wade in up to his hips. He also likes to howl at firetruck sirens, it’s pretty cute. Arthur has really come out of his shell. He runs, he barks and he even does stairs like a champ despite his arthritis. He doesn’t let his back hip problems slow him down. 


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