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Breaking News – Barnes is in a home!

What an amazing couple of weeks here at WAG – the staff and volunteers can hardly believe it, but our second long term resident and special rehabilitation case – Barnes – went in to a foster home today. This wonderful couple has experience with former sled dogs, as they had already adopted a handsome boy named Goofy. After seeing Barnes’ profile on our website, they decided to offer their hearts and home to this special boy.

Barnes is a retired sled dog who spent most of his life chained to a dog house outside. This poor boy was rescued and brought to Canada, where he was surrendered to WAG in the hopes that we could rehabilitate him and prepare him for life in a home. He is extremely shy and shows signs of past abuse. Despite this, after months of trust building, Barnes no longer flinches when you try to pat him, and he has started to play, wag his tail, and even play bow with his favorite humans. He now knows how to walk on a leash and is gaining confidence every day. We are thrilled that our special man is now taking the next step into a home. Provided he settles in well with this new family, his adoption will be finalized and Barnes will officially have a Forever Family to call his own.

Barnes was at WAG for 7 months, going on eight! If you would liketo make a donation to help cover the cost of his care, please visit our donations page on our website for ways you can help WAG!


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