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Cheese & Crackers – Adopted March 2022!

Cheese and Crackers collage

Has been waiting at WAG since October 2021 Breed: Domestic Short hair’s Gender: Females, Cheese is the Tortoiseshell (right) and Crackers is the dilute (left) Age: Approximately just over 1-year-old Size: small Energy Level: Lower energy through the day, very playful and active at night Litter trained? Yes Kids? Potentially older children Cats? No Dogs? No Medical Needs: none

About Me:

Cheese and Cracker’s came into WAG’s care together, and that’s where they are most comfortable, with each other.

The ladies we don’t have much history, they are most likely sisters that had little to no contact with humans. They did not enjoy the company of WAG staff or volunteers, they mostly spent their days hiding away, then at night time when the shelter was empty, they felt more confident to explore.

They have been moved into a foster home to help them gain confidence and have been doing great! They went to the vet and did so well! The vet let us know, that even though they were clearly frightened, they were brave and great little patients.

A little update from their foster mom: They are very playful with each other. Cheese is the braver one. Crackers has a loud purr when she’s relaxed. They both also love to play with the toys with me. They are both still very quiet  natured and non reactive (like the vet said) until they are ready to play! They get super curious when I sit there long enough and they love to fetch for treats. No purring from Cheese yet! Personality – both girls love to play. Any wands or little nice they go crazy for. They also love to play together. They love to sleep together too. Cheese now loves being pet. Her ears have a cute little curl at the tip now that she’s comfortable. Crackers still isn’t quite ready to be handled but she likes to cautiously hang out with me in the office and when she’s comfortable she just sits there and purrs. She’s more of a night owl still so she’s most comfortable with me being around early in the morning or late at night. They love treats – they will even chase them when they are feeling frisky! So far they are eating well and using the litter properly. The girls are exploring the house more. Mostly the upstairs but they venture downstairs to the living room. Crackers is active during the day and when I’m around she follows me and just wants love – she will flop on the floor belly up for pets (unless she’s playing with cheese). Crackers is a bit more easily spooked than Cheese but she also a bit more curious.Cheese loves to nap during the day! She has a hut looking out the window and Crackers goes in there with her. She also loves to play and watch me and follow me to see what I’m doing.They don’t meow at me but they chirp at eachother and sometimes at me. They are full of purrs.They are still cautious and coming out of their shells so I’m trying to figure out their personalities still. APPLY FOR CHEESE & CRACKERS !

My Story:

Unfortunately, we can’t be sure of the girls life before coming to WAG.

They were noticed by concerned citizens, who knew that they needed to get them inside before the winter came in full swing. They were able to bring them to WAG, where the girls have had a chance to go to the vet and are gaining more confidence daily in a foster home.

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