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Cleopatra AKA Emi – Adopted October 2016

When Cleopatra first came to the shelter she was a new mom with her babies Thema and Ra. Cleo was just a kitten herself, only being 1 year old but she was an amazing mom! Cleo waited patiently for 115 days before she was adopted, in that time she proudly watched her babies go into their forever home! The end of that summer WAG had quite a few kitten litters come to the shelter with no mothers, her maternal instinct came through and treated the like her own babies! Finally Cleo’s purr-fect match came along!

To my friends at WAG! Life is great here. I am the boss of everyone and I love it. The dog’s food is yummy and she let’s me eat first. Molly the poodle is so sweet. I sleep in a pretty pink bedroom made especially for me. My human sister sleeps there too. I have lots of toys to play with and they light me a nice fire every night. My favorite activities are eating, doing handstands on the stairs and intimidating the dog! Thank you WAG friends for loving me and convincing my new family I was special. I really am a big deal around here!! I miss you all but am doing great! Love Cleo (my sister has renamed me Emi)


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