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Fawks – Adopted October 2021!


FAWKS Breed: Domestic Shorthair Gender: Female Age: Approx. 5 months old Size: Small, but growing! Energy Level: Medium Litter trained? Yes Kids? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! Cats? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! Dogs? With proper Socialization, Supervision & Separation! Medical Needs: Finishing this round of core vaccinations, then yearly check ups

About Me:

Hi I’m Fawks!

I am new to WAG and been living in a foster. I’m settling in nicely in my foster home and love the company of humans! Once I was in my foster I really let my personality show. I’m the sweetest kitty with the loudest purrs, if you pick me up or pet me I can’t stop purring – I love being picked up, petted and snuggled. If you let me, I will gladly sleep in your bed, cuddle up and purr until I fall asleep. But I also love nestling into my own favourite cozy spots. I’m a small kitty with a big character. I like to follow my foster family into every room they go into and I’m always curious to see what they’re doing. I’m also very playful. I love to have fun and turn everything into a game. I love playing with toys and still have some of my favourite toys from WAG. My absolute favourite is the wand but I’ll play with anything. I’m settling in more and more with my foster’s routine each day. I would do best in a home that has people around for me to play with or cuddle with as often as possible, but I’m happy to snooze while my owners are at work. I’m always so happy to see them come home and will greet them with chirps, purrs and cuddles. I need attention, love, affection, and lots of playtime! But I also love nothing more than snuggling up against my favorite humans. I hope my forever home will provide me with cozy beds, lots of toys and preferably a nice window where I can enjoy the sunlight and look at the birds. I hope I get to find my forever home that will care for me forever APPLY FOR FAWKS !

My Story:

Fawks was brought into our care as a stray cat. She was never claimed, so now we’ll find her a home to call her own.

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