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Happy’s Diary

Happy was the feral dog that was living on the streets of Pemberton for almost a year. Residents of Pemberton would leave food out for her and she would often play with their dogs but no one could catch her. She came to WAG after she was finally caught by Pemberton bylaw. Happy is getting some much needed rehabilitation at WAG and is making amazing progress! Happy is still working on building her confidence and overcoming many fears, so she is not yet ready for adoption but we are so proud of her progress in the short time she has been at WAG.

Check out her diary and keep up with Happy’s amazing progress!

If you would like to make a donation to help Happy in her recovery, please contact us at or call 604-935-8364 – WAG could not exist without support from people like you…Thank you!


Happy’s Diary:

“Hello, my name is Happy!  I wasn’t always this happy though…read my diary to learn more about my story and follow my recovery!”




“October 2013, Dear Diary:

My first few weeks here at WAG have been pretty scary! I suppose I should start at the beginning… how I got to this strange place! I was starving, lost, scared, and did not know who I could trust. After months on the streets, one day I was shot at and hit by a dart! I was very scared and ran away. Then I felt very sleepy, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not stay awake. When I woke up, I was in a cage at the Pemberton Vet. I did not know what was going to happen to me so I stayed very quiet and hoped it would be all over soon. They took care of me and put some stitches in my shoulder where the dart hit me. Then, left in my kennel, I was loaded in to a big vehicle where I was brought to this place everyone calls WAG. At first, I didn’t trust anyone around me – I didn’t know if I was going to be hurt or scared again, so I hid anytime anyone came near and growled if they came too close and I got too nervous! They only seemed to come in to clean my room at first, though, always talking gently, and throwing tasty treats my way. Of course I am still not sure if I should trust them, so I only eat the yummy treats after they have gone, just in case it is a trick!”



“November 2013, Dear Diary:

Life here has gotten a bit better! These nice humans don’t seem to want anything from me and still continue to bring in tasty treats, something called roast beef, and it is all becoming harder to resist! Sometimes the humans will just come and sit beside me, and sometimes they bring me up to an area called “reception”.  It is busier up there with lots of stuff going on! I am still scared but thankfully my crate keeps me nice and safe. At dinner time now, the humans will sit with me and try to hand feed me dinner. I am still not sure though! What if it is all a trick? I sometimes take the yummy food from their hand though, and in exchange, I allow them to pat my head or scratch me under my chin. Don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes kind of like it!”




“December 2013, Dear Diary:

So lots of stuff has happened since my last entry! I have decided that the humans that take care of me here are pretty nice (not to mention my warm, soft bed and toys)! If I know them and am comfortable, I love to follow them out into the play yard and romp around. It feels so good to play again, it has been so long! I have met so many other nice dogs here too that don’t seem to be scared, so maybe it is not so bad here after all. I even help them in reception now, with no crate! And walk up there all by myself… I am so brave!  Sometimes there are lots of strange people coming in the afternoons, and I get scared again and bark, but I am working on it!  Sometimes the humans need me to help them look after their rowdy puppies.  They have even nic-named me Aunty!  I’m starting to wonder what would they ever do without me?”


“January 2014, Dear Diary:

Another month full of new things! I have come to love all my wonderful caregivers here at the shelter. They are all so kind, never get mad at me, hit me, or force me to do anything I am not ready for. Because of this I trust them, and have been learning so many new things! One is something called “clicker training”.  I have learned that when I hear that “click”, it means I am good and I will get a tasty treat! They are also making me wear something called a “harness” that wraps around my neck and under my arms. It feels very strange and brings back some bad memories of what some mean humans used to do to me with my collar.  I don’t want to move AT ALL when I wear it! My friend Kawasaki wears one too and he seems to be ok, though. Thankfully right now they don’t seem to want to make me do anything other than wear it, no matter how sad I try to look. One day, I even forgot I was wearing it and walked around a bit…nothing bad even happened! Can this place really be only full of good things???”

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January 9, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I had to wear the harness again, but when people came into the lobby I got excited and forgot I was wearing anything! Then I remembered and made sure I looked super sad in my bed. I have been wearing it every day for 5 days in a row!


January 11, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was such a fun day! When we all ran outside there was so much fluffy POWDER (snow)! I had so much fun leaping and bouncing and pretending to be a bunny.


January 12th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Lindsay put the harness on at 8am, just as I was waking up. I hid under a crate outside until Lindsay made me come out and play in the snow. I had fun but don’t tell anyone! I am still hoping they give up on this silly harness…even though nothing bad ever seems to happen when it’s on!


January 13th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Angie put my harness on. It is less scary than it was a week ago but I still hate the silly thing! I still don’t like to move when it is on and try to look as sad as possible. I do get extra belly rubs when I wear it though so I guess I will put up with it…for now.


January 15th, 2014

Dear Diary,

What a great day! Today they forgot to put the evil harness on! Hehe, I loved my day of freedom…



January 16th, 2014

Dear Diary,

There is a new puppy at WAG named Wilbur. Louie and I help take care of him. He is very cute but it sure is hard for me to move and play in this pesky harness! I am hoping they notice I am not puppy sitting as well as I could be, and take it off!


January 17th, 2014

Wow, what a big day! They didn’t make me wear my harness today (woo hoo!) and a lady from a magazine they call “The Pique” came to interview me; apparently I am famous! I barked at her at first, but after the interview I sniffed her head and nothing happened. I think she may be one of the nice ones!

Then I had a terrible afternoon…Shannon clipped my nails! What a strange experience, I must say…I was scared but it didn’t hurt at all. Just in case, I am not talking to Shannon for one full day!


January 18th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Lindsay did some of this strange “clicker training” with me in the staff room. I forgot what I was supposed to do and got nervous! So instead of “going to my bed” like I have learned, I hid under a chair. Lindsay was very patient and helped me remember that “clicks” are good things and mean treats! Then we played a fun game where she clicks and then gives me a treat. I will try to remember more next time and hopefully I will be a little braver!

photo 1


January 20th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I did not want to go outside first thing this morning, it was dark and cold and my bed was warm and cozy!  Once the sun came out though, I went out.  I even played this game they call “fetch” with my friend Nooner.  I don’t really understand it – every time I give the ball back to Angie, she throws it again!  I don’t think she gets the game either…


January 21st, 2014

Dear Diary,

So these “Stuffed Kong” things they have been giving us each day are actually pretty delicious!  I  didn’t understand what all the fuss was about but now I clean up after everyone else!  I love my life at WAG!  I am learning new things all the time…


 January 22nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I met a VERY tall, dark, and handsome man names Jack!  I did a whole bunch of flirting and wiggled my bum and little tail and we played so much together!  Oh Diary, he is wonderful!  Could he be the one?


 January 23rd, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I discovered what humans call “memory foam” when they brought down a big new bed – I don’t want to ever leave it- I am a princess!!


 January 24th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I discovered I can play while wearing my harness!  It was so sunny and nice out, and my squeaky ball was so much fun I completely forgot I was even wearing it – my friends at WAG are so proud of me!


 January 27th, 2014

Dear Diary,

I didn’t have to wear my harness today – doing my Happy dance!


 January 28th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Angie put the harness on so early – my eyes were barley open!  I tried really hard to look sad but I think they know my tricks… Eventually I got up to play because all my friends were having a great time, and I guess the harness isn’t THAT hard to play in – just don’t tell the humans!


February 2nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I met some new friends named Cindy, Sarah, and Sierra.  I also let this “lady” (they always call her ‘Diana’) pet my head!  She always walks all my friends so I know she must be a good person.  I also learned how to “sit” with the clicker!  Lindsay was so proud of me she gave me roast beef and kissed my head.


February 4th, 2014

Dear Diary,

I guess this harness isn’t TOO bad…I have such a good time chasing my friends around the run and jumping on the pic-nic table that even wearing something I used to be scared of can’t stop me now – I am such a good doggy!


February 6th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day I walked with a leash!  They put a tiny kitten leash on me because it is so nice and light I won’t get too scared.  I walked all the way down the hallway!  My best buddy, Kawasaki, came with me to help me be brave…

photo 3 (1) copy 3
photo 2 (2)
photo 1 (3) copy

February 13th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Lindsay and I did treat puzzles!  She put delicious treats in something called a “puzzle” and I had to figure out how to get them out – it was difficult at first but then I figured it out and loved it!


February 19th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I walked to the staff room with my harness and leash on.  Then I hid under the table and looked very sad until Lindsay took them off…heeheehee…


February 22nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I made another new friend, Max.  He sounded kind of growly at first, but then I learned thats just how he talks when he wants to play!  Then we wrestled and had fun in the snow…


February 23rd, 2014

Dear Diary,

I miss my best friend Sierra :(.  She was “adopted” yesterday.  I am not sure what that means but its apparently a good thing.  They tell me that one day I will be “adopted” too!  I am scared but I know these wonderful people will always make sure I am safe!


March 1st, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was a crazy day – I went for a walk OUTSIDE the shelter!  I wore my harness and leash, and I went with my buddy Charlie.  It is the very first time I have left the property since I arrived here – 116 days ago!  I was very excited at first and wagged my tail like crazy and found some neat new smells to sniff.  Then I got very nervous and lay down in the snow, and Lindsay and Cat had to carry me home – But I was so brave and everyone told me that I was amazing, so I think I did good!

March 6th, 2014

There is so much snow! My friend Shiloh barks a lot, and can play pretty rough sometimes, but I can handle it! We have lots of fun. Then Cat put the harness on me and now I am sulking.


March 9th, 2014

So I guess we are back on the “harness every day” train – which I wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t this pesky leash attached to it! They must be up to something…


March 10th, 2014

Today I really tried to look sad – they have tricked me again! There is a small leash that stays attached to my harness all the time now – evil leash!! When I am moping though, these humans sure make it hard to stay sad! I still can’t help wiggle my butt when I want some loving!


March 21st, 2014

I LOVE CHEESE!  I will even sit on command for it…it is so yummy in my tummy!


March 22nd

Today I was splashing around under the pic-nic table where a little pond has formed.  I am so excited for spring!  Angela said that if I wanted to spend my day on the beach in my birthday suit, I had better start to slim down as I think I have put on some pounds while at WAG…Maybe it’s all the peanut butter kongs… or yummy cookies… or maybe the cheese…


March 23rd

Today Lindsay tried to take me on another walk but I was all by myself!  I got scared and didn’t want to leave WAG, so I lay down.  I like it when friends come with me on these scary walks!


March 25th

Today I showed Max how to do puzzles.  I let him share my puzzle – I am very good at sharing!  Lindsay was very proud of us.


March 26th

Today we had a staff meeting at WAG and I was invited!  I feel so special being part of the meeting, but really with all the help I give them with the puppies, I should be invited!  We talked about some very important stuff, I got pats and love from everyone, and then I fell asleep.


March 27th

I have mastered “Level One” puzzle today!  I am SO SMART.  I even did it in the prep room while Lindsay did chores.  I used to be too scared to do the puzzles anywhere but the staff room – I am so brave now too!


March 30th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Lindsay tried to teach me agility – I got super excited and did bunny hops all over the yard!  When it came to leap over the jump though, I sprinted underneath it each time – superfast!

I also went on another real walk today!  I made it all the way up Nesters Road to the weather station.  I am SO BRAVE!  It was so much fun and I was so pumped up my little tail would not stop wagging.  I need to go on more walks to get rid of the cheese weight…


March 31st, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I walked all the way up to Nesters and behind the stores, but then I got scared and lay down.  My pals had to come and get me so then I got up and kept on walking – having friends there makes it not so scary! They are my personal cheerleading squad on walks – they are awesome!


April 1st, 2014

Dear Diary,

One day, when I am brave enough, I will walk myself up to Nesters to buy delicious cheese! And I should really replace Cat’s cheese that I have been munching on all week…

I went on my third walk in a row today!  After I come back they take my harness off – these walks seem to be a win-win!


April 2nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

I am really starting to like my name – I think it suits me – I am one happy girl here at WAG!  Today I went for a jog and made it all the way to Tree Top Lane – I am amazing!


April 4th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today me and Max took Lindsay and Cat for a walk – we explored a whole new road that I have never been down before!  It was so fun and muddy and we all ran up the hill to the top!  I wanted to go play in some snow drifts, but for some reason Lindsay and Cat were not as excited to do that as Max and I.  Then we all came home together – I love my walks!  I was smiling the whole way with joy…


April 5th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today Lindsay took me and Charlie to another new place – we crossed the busy highway but I wasn’t scared at all.  Then we went to a river!  It was so pretty and fun.  Charlie and I went swimming but Lindsay did not want to go – silly humans!  I tried to show her how much fun it was but she couldn’t be convinced to come in with us. Maybe next time!

April 6th, 2014

Dear Diary,

I have been having such adventures! I went for a walk with my best buddy Charlie.  Then I got in to a big truck and ended up at Lindsay’s house!  I slept over and I was very brave…


April 7th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I let Emily take me outside for a walk.  I would only go if Lindsay came, though, because I know how much she likes to go for walks too!  It’s not fair if I get to walk and she doesn’t!

April 12th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I went for a walk without Lindsay! Cat took me, and Lindsays dog, Noel, came with us to keep me company.  I was very nervous to go all by myself, so Noel helped me.  At first I didn’t want to go, and lay down in the garden, but that didn’t work on Cat!  She encouraged me, and so I decided it wasn’t going to be all THAT bad and went for a nice walk.  We went all the way up to Nesters!


April 20th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I went for my first “bike ride” with Lindsay.  She rode beside me on a two wheeled contraption called a “bike” which let her go really fast!  It was so fun to run together with her!


April 25th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was CRAZY!  First Cat took Stashie out of reception and when he came back he was damp and smelled nice.  Then she took Bruce away, and when he came back, he was also damp and smelling pretty!  Then she said it was my turn…I didn’t know what we were doing, so I followed her into a small room. Cat lifted me into the “tub” and she got me all wet!  I was very scared at first and lay down.  Cat was very nice and talked and cuddled me the whole time.  I got very soapy and she scrubbed me all over – this is what a bath is!  I have never had one at WAG – they said I was very dirty!  After it was done, I was dried off with nice fluffy towels.  I kind of liked the massages, but the whole experience was very strange.  Then I got a brand new, very clean, and lovely pink collar – Now I smell and look so pretty!


May 4th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was very strange!  Lindsay put a harness on me, and though I thought we were just going for a walk, we met Cat outside with her car.  Lindsay told me to hop in, so I did, but I wasn’t so sure!  We drove for a little bit and then we went inside a house!  I think it is Cat’s house….she has a little dog named Sophie who met me at the door and was so excited to meet me.  I am not so sure what is going on – Cat keeps saying I am being “fostered” until I find my real Forever Home!  I do like the couches though…. later she fed me cheese while I lay on the couch… it was pretty nice! Then we all went for a walk…What a day!

photo 5
photo 4

photo 3
photo 2

May 11th, 2014

Dear Diary,

It has been such a busy week!  I have been staying at Cat’s house with her in “foster”, and then she will take me to WAG when she is working.  Though she has been very nice, I am still not so sure about her!  She is also the one that often cuts my nails, cleans my injuries, or gives me a bath!  Nothing bad has happened here though, so I am starting to have more fun!  Plus she lets me on the couches and her bed, and she has lots of puzzles and toys and bones.  Sophie is very nice and shares them with me.  She doesn’t even mind that I like to un-stuff the squeaky toys and remove their squeakers!  I also met a neighbour.. a little dog named Max.. he is very cute!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

 May 15th, 2014

Dear Diary,

Okay okay, this place is kinda fun.. I have a whole little couch for myself and bones, and treats, and hikes!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

 May 18th, 2014

Dear Diary,

I love doing puzzles!  Especially for chicken wieners…and the view is not bad either…

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3
photo 2
photo 1

 May 24th, 2014

Dear Diary,

What a crazy couple of weeks.  I have been so busy I have hardly had time to update you!  I have been doing so many new things and meeting so many new people.  One day Cat took Sophie and I to a place called Happy Pets.  It smelled amazing in there!  She bought us delicious treats made of boar – yum!  There is also another girl who lives here that is very nice to me, and feeds me lots of yummy treats.  The other night I even let her touch me!  It was very exciting and they told me how amazing I was – I am getting so brave!  I meet new people all the time around here – sometimes they come here, and some 

times I meet them outside.  Everyone has been nice and let me sniff them as much as a want, but I wont let them touch me yet!  Cat even took me over to her friends house once – at first, he was kind of scary, but him and his friend didn’t pay much attention to me, and Cat and Sophie seemed fine, so at the end I decided that everything was ok, and lay down to have a nap.  I sleep on the couch at night, and then I go visit Cat and Sophie in bed in the mornings.  Cat brought a big bed over for me to use because I was having a hard time fittin

g into Sophie’s, but when I jump in bed, Sophie likes to use it instead!  She is a funny dog…

June 2nd, 2014

Dear Diary,

This place is pretty great!  There is a perfect swimming spot near by, and on hot days I love to go for a paddle….actually it doesn’t even need to be hot!  I love swimming all the time…


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