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In Loving memory Jojo

WAG had another heartbreak this week, we said goodbye to our beloved Jojo.

The smallest details matter the most when sick animals are in our care. WAG noticed Jojo wasn’t acting like himself, thankfully Coast Mountain Veterinary Clinic was able to get him into the clinic to find out why he took a sudden decline. Unfortunately, Jojo came to WAG already in his senior years, as a diabetic senior, his health had its ups and downs. With the kindness and compassion of his primary vet team, WAG made the hard decision to let Jojo go peacefully, surrounded by his caregivers at WAG and Dr. Sola.

Jojo was a fan favorite at the shelter, a dapper old gentleman who loved everyone who came for a visit. He was feisty around feeding time, and loved to have some free time out of the cattery and assist the team with daily chores. Always accepting head pats and chin scratches, he was a gentle boy that had many young kids come for visits that loved his sweet eyes. He was a tolerant and understanding diabetic, always allowing the staff to administer insulin easily and weekly blood glucose testing.

While we are always the optimist bringing Critical Care animals into our care, this is the outcome we always hope to avoid.

Our dreams were always to find Jojo a forever home to retire in, or even a medical foster home that could keep him company. We know that while in our care, he was surrounded by love always. Rest in Peace Jojo, we hope you and Grace will keep company over the rainbow bridge.

If you are looking to help animals in need and can’t adopt, please consider becoming a medical foster home, if you can’t foster, donate to our Critical Care Fund so we can always help animals like Jojo.



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