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In Loving memory Molly

Having to say goodbye is the hardest, it’s even harder to say goodbye to the young that never got a chance to have a big and full life. Molly was hospitalized this past weekend, WAG and the amazing veterinary teams tried their hardest, but we let her pass peacefully after she fought so hard. Molly was in charge since day one, being one of the bigger littermates, she had the personality to match. Although there are so many things Molly never got, a long life and a forever home. She was shown love from her mom and littermates, her foster families, the staff and volunteer team at WAG and the compassionate veterinary teams that tended to her when she needed it most. Rest peacefully Molly, you were loved.

If you are looking to help animals in need and can’t adopt, please consider making a one time or monthly donation to our Critical Care Fund so we can always help animals like Molly and her littermates get the best chance at life. We hope to have more answers and information on Molly’s heartbreaking decline in health in due course. CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO WAG’S CRITICAL CARE FUND IN MEMORY OF MOLLY



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