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Mary Jane – Adopted March 2022!

mary jane4

Has been waiting at WAG since December 2021 Breed: Sphynx Gender: Female Age: 12 years old Size: small

Energy Level: low, but maintenance HIGH Litter trained? yes Kids? Mary Jane would prefer a calm home, older children or a quieter less busy family Cats? No thanks! I would prefer to be the only animal Dogs? No thanks! I would prefer to be the only animal Medical Needs: Ongoing monitoring of her dietary needs, a general check up within the first 6 months of adoption will be needed.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Mary-Jane the Sphynx cat!

I was surrendered to WAG and have been living in a foster home since then.

I patiently waited for my much needed dental surgery for a few weeks. I finally had my surgery this past week and had most of my teeth removed. Thank you to Eagleview and Coast Mountain Vets for taking extra special care of me, and with the help of WAG, volunteer drivers, my foster parents and my pain meds, I’m no longer in pain and have started to feel way more relaxed. I’m a sweet 12 year old lady with lots of love and affection to give.

I’m very mellow and quiet throughout the day but will meow and make noise when I’m hungry and want to be fed. I have big ears, big eyes, lots of wrinkles and the gentlest demeanor.

My favourite things are mealtimes and long cosy naps.

I love to be snuggled up under a blanket on my heated sleeping pad or with my humans in their bed or on the couch. I enjoy head rubs and chin scratches and when I’m in a cuddly mood sometimes I will purr for hours and give head nudges and nose kisses.

Although I’m a mellow kitty, I require regular baths (weekly) and general maintenance, including having my nails cleaned and trimmed (biweekly), ears cleaned every 4 days and face cleaned morning and night. This maintenance is typical for my breed. I don’t mind being in the warm water for my bath but don’t particularly like being cleaned and scrubbed but I enjoy being wrapped up in a towel and held afterwards. I am well behaved and try my best to cooperate but maintenance is never my favourite!

I require frequent smaller mushed up meals as I have no teeth, and I have specific dietary requirements that the vet picks for me. I have had issues with certain foods in the past so it is important that I have the right food to eat.

I would love to have a warm cosy fire to cuddle up in front of and would thrive in a warm house as I get cold easily because I have no fur! If possible, I’d like to always have an array of various blankets to choose where I can snuggle up around the house.

My ideal day consists of waking up my humans for a cuddle in the morning, snoozing and purring until they get up to feed me. After breakfast, I like to curl up on my heating pad and have my humans tuck me in. After I wake up from my nap, I like to check where my humans are and scratch on my post before going back to my heating pad and blanket.

I like to be told how pretty I am and get head scratches and forehead kisses. Between my meal times and naps, I’m very chilled, I play very occasionally. In the evening I love the fireplace and will climb on my small cat tree beside the fire. After my dinner, my humans would tuck me in before going to bed themselves.

I’m happy to hang out all day and keep you company. I would make a great and very affectionate companion for your home! I hope I get to find my forever home that will love and care for me forever. APPLY FOR MARY JANE !

My Story:

Mary Jane had a mom that had her since she was a kitten. She provided her love and care for 12 wonderful years. Unfortunately Mary Jane’s dental health was declining and surgery was needed. Mary Jane was surrendered into WAG’s care, thanks to Coast Mountain Veterinary Clinic and Eagleview Veterinary Hospital for both providing service above and beyond for Mary Jane.

If you can’t donate at this time, please consider donating to her dental bills. DONATE TO WAG! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.


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