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Matilda AKA Matty McMatterson – Adopted December 2015

Matilda aka Matty McMatterson arrived to WAG in August 2015, this girl was brought to us by a concerned local who had seen her wandering the streets alone. She brought her to Pemberton veterinary clinic, were Dr. Laura White estimated her age to be 15, did a routine wellness exam and then she came to WAG. Matty got a nice makeover during her first few days here, Shampooch was kind enough to stop by and spend 2 ½ hours shaving all of the mattes off of her fur, which left her basically naked. Matty is such a sweet gentle girl who got along with all the dogs at the shelter, despite her age she is still full of spunk and energy!

This senior lady is now spending her golden years with her amazing new family, mom, dad, and brother Harper. She has had a year full of adventures, being the guest of honor at K9 Wine and Dine, and going on a family vacation to California, chosen specifically so the entire family could go!

Matty is living the dream retirement life with us! She enjoys travel work weekends in hotels, playing in the ocean, taking long naps, finding hidden treats, golfing with her family and hanging with her brother Harper! Matty and Harper are inseparable! They love to run outside together, cook aka mooch in the kitchen together, sleep together. Matty also loves to come to work with her mom and Harper and is getting excited about the warm weather and golf season! 😉 She will be 17 this August!


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