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Meet Reba; our latest Critical Care case…

 This sweet girl came to WAG after she was hit by a car; she sustained extensive injury to her head, eye, face and jaw. Poor Reba has a broken jaw, fractured teeth, swollen eye and road rash on her head and nose.

Thank goodness for our amazing Vet in Pemberton! Dr. Laura and her team took such good care of Reba and have been on call for us during her recovery. Reba has a few weeks of painful recovery ahead of her while her jaw heals. It is currently wired shut so eating and drinking is quite painful and difficult for this little lady.

Despite the pain she is suffering she is a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle her head into your chest, neck and lap. We have to clean her wounds daily and she has to wear a muzzle to keep her jaw in place while it heals, she is such a brave patient and will even wag her tail while we clean her wounds and change her muzzle.

Reba is only a year and a half old! WAG needs your help to cover the costs of her veterinary care and rehabilitation at the shelter. Please consider donating to Reba’s Fund today!


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