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Meet Sable…our latest Critical Care case

Meet Sable…She was found freezing and starving in a field, she was disoriented and unable to stand. A man carried her to his car where he let her warm up and called WAG. We aren’t sure how long she had been living in the field and fending for herself, we just know that had she not been found she may have not made it through the night. Sable was emaciated and almost totally blind, she is still wobbly on her feet but now she can walk and she is slowly gaining weight. Sable is a sweet lady who gets along with other dogs, despite her health issues she has been very friendly with our other dogs and usually greets them with a kiss on the face. She is still feeling very unwell but will offer us a small tail WAG whenever she has enough strength. This beautiful girl needs a home that will provide her with all the comfort and love she deserves and has been neglected. She is also looking for a foster home who will help her recover while she waits for her forever home.

If you would like to help Sable but are unable to adopt or foster please consider donating to our CRITICAL CARE FUND. Without this fund and your support, WAG could not save lives like Sable.



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