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Orion – Adopted June 2016

Orion was brought into WAG as a stray found at a campsite on Duffy lake Road. He needed some cleaning up, he was very dirty and full of burrs, and he received quite an unfortunate hair cut! Underneath all the dirt Orion was a handsome, sweet, and affectionate kitty. He was lucky and got snatched up after only being in the shelter for 10 days! His is now part of a family that loves him to bits and thought we’d like an update!

Hi WAG staff, Just thought I’d update you on how Steven Orion Zissou is doing with these photos. Steve has become quite the big kitty but most of it is fur! We can’t believe how much his coat has filled out since we first got him. He is very content at home, playing, grooming and sleeping. Thanks so much for connecting us. We love him to bits! Laurel and Chris


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