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Otto – Our latest Critical Care Case…

Otto is 12 years old, going on 13…He is a Norwegian Elk Hound who spent his whole life with one family that he thought would take care of him FOREVER. Unfortunately his family let him down, and they surrendered Otto to us as a senior dog with many health problems. He has not seen a vet in six years (roughly equivalent to 42 years for a human). He has severe dental disease, which causes him to have terrible breath and a tough time eating hard food. He is also arthritic and has muscle wasting in his hind end which causes him to fall easily. He also has cataracts on his eyes which affect his sight, and his hearing is not what it used to be. Despite all this, Otto is a sweetheart. He loves our other dogs, and being one of the ‘crew’. He also loves to hang out quietly with us in reception all day long! He is now on glucosamine for his joints, and will be seeing a vet for further diagnostics and treatments. He will also need blood work and a urinalysis to make sure that everything else is functioning normally.

Once WAG has provided these crucial treatments, Otto will be up for adoption and looking for a family that will love him for the rest of his days!

WAG is a non-profit, and relies on your donations to provide much needed treatment for animals like Otto.

When they have no one else to care for them, will you help us



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