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Otto’s dental procedure

This past week, our senior boy, Otto, received his much anticipated and needed dental procedure. This poor boy was surrendered to WAG at 12 years old with many health problems. His teeth were rotting and infected and he desperately needed a major dental procedure. He had also been on antibiotics in the weeks leading up to the procedure to treat the infection.

Thanks to the Eagleview Veterinary Hospital, Otto had a total of 21 rotten teeth pulled while under anesthetic – that is 51% of his total number of teeth – Thank you Dr. Sturgess and everyone that helped!

WAG is now looking for help to pay for this vital procedure.

Your donation to the Critical Care Fund will help pay for Otto’s medications, procedure, and care, while he waits to find his Forever Home. WAG relies on your donations to provide necessary medical care for neglected animals like Otto.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than watching the confusion of a senior dog who had a family for 12 years, end up surrendered to a shelter.

Otto is also very arthritic which causes him to fall easily on slippery floors, so we have covered our shelter floors with Yoga mats to give Otto extra traction.

Despite his wobbly legs, Otto loves his (short) walks! A few times a day he gets very excited to walk with our volunteers up the road, sometimes even trying a light jog!

This boy loves hanging out with the other dogs and snoozing in the sun. He is also a very good boy in reception and will happily sleep the day away at our feet.

Otto does not deserve to spend his golden years at a shelter…if you are interested in adopting this special man, please email us at to set up an adoption appointment.

Thank you for your support!


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