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Our latest Critical Care Case…

Meet Goofy. He is a 1 year old heeler/lab cross. When he was surrendered to us he had a significant limp and we were told that Goofy was kicked by a horse over a month ago. However when our Vet took an X-ray of his leg she discovered he was limping from a gun shot wound, she found pieces of broken bone and broken bullet.

Thankfully he is now in our care and we can get him the treatment plan he needs. Dr.Lane from Eagleview Vet came to WAG to assess Goofy today and was impressed with how much Goofy has healed on his own. Depending on how much more Goofy is able to heal in the next three weeks will determine whether or not he will need surgery. Despite the cruelty and neglect that he has suffered he is a happy tail wagging, wiggly boy who loves people.

When you meet him you can’t help but get on the ground to have a major cuddle session with this boy! He loves to show off his big belly and will bury his head in your chest for love and comfort.

We are looking for a home who will help Goofy continue on his road to recovery. He is looking for a home that will give him the life he deserves, with big comfy beds, lots of toys, healthy food and plenty of love. Goofy would love a big grassy yard so he can practice running on even-ground, he would also be a great addition to a home with children or other pets. He is a very gentle, social boy and can’t wait to find his forever home. If you are interested in adopting Goofy please fill out our adoption questionnaire and email it to us at

If you would like to help Goofy but can’t adopt please consider making a donation towards our Critical Care Fund. Without this fund and support from amazing people we couldn’t help animals like Goofy.


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