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Our latest Critical Care Case…Lizzy!

“My names is Lizzie! I was very sick and skinny, and had a hard time finding my litter box. I am also blind.  Since I have been at WAG, I received multiple blood tests and have been diagnosed as diabetic. Now that I have been receiving regular insulin shots, I have been feeling much better! My appetite has returned and I love the saucy meat chunks of my new specialty diet so much, I have started putting on weight! Though I am still permanently blind, I can now navigate my way around pretty well, and I never miss my litter box. My favourite place to hang out is under a desk on top of a power cord and wires. When my foster mom tried to keep me out of there for safety, I was too smart for her, found a back route ,and squeezed myself in!

I currently am living with a K9 foster sister; a small dog, who generally does not bother me at all. If she does get too close, I give her a little hiss!

I love cuddles and scratches, and though my meow is squeaky, I love to have the occasional chat. I will greet you every morning with my big eyes and will purr like crazy when happy. One of my other favourite things to do is keep myself looking gorgeous! I spend lots of time happily grooming, followed by well deserved naps. I also love cat nip toys and like to sleep with them in my beds.

I am looking for a quiet family that will look after me in my golden years. I am not comfortable with stairs due to my blindness, but am easily kept in restricted areas by low level barriers, as I also do not jump over anything. I am very easy going, sweet, and beautiful, and besides my diabetes, I am a very laid back and low maintenance girl.”

If you would like to donate to our Critical Care Fund, and help animals like Lizzy, please click here!

If you think you may be Lizzie’s perfect match, please email us at!


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