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Russet aka Rusty – Adopted May 2014

Russet was surrendered to our shelter at age 7 because his family no longer wanted him. He was heartbroken to be left by his family but was quickly adopted from our shelter in May. We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear about his life now! Congratulations Rusty!

“Rusty has quickly become the ultimate city and mountain dog. During the week, he hangs out on …the seawall in Vancouver, socializes with friends at doggie daycare and plays fetch in a big, grassy field near his house. He spends a lot of weekends up in Whistler trying to bite waves at Alta Lake and going for long strolls along the Valley Trail. Rusty is a really goofy guy and we love that. He is almost always smiling the biggest, sweetest grin. (I say ‘almost’ because the only time he is unhappy is if he spots a skateboarder! Still working on that. We really appreciate everything WAG does. Thank you for bringing Rusy into our live”.

Happy Rusty


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